Applies the White racial identity framework developed by psychologist Dr. Janet Helms to take a strong stance against racism.

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Published Date: 06/14/2023
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The idea that White people are under attack has permeated political discourse in recent elections. The election of 2024 will be no different.

Being White Today: A Roadmap for a Positive Antiracist Life helps White people navigate the myriad messages they encounter about race. The book applies the White racial identity framework developed by psychologist Dr. Janet Helms to take a strong stance against racism.

Using fictionalized scenarios and case studies, it offers a way to resist extremist messaging and recruitment. A helpful resource for White people who care about US society, in particular, White parents, educators, activists, and racial/social justice practitioners, this book also helps people understand antiracist messaging and how to use it strategically to create a larger community of White antiracists.

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Chapter 1 Deciding on a Direction: Which Way Do We Go?
Chapter 2 Mapping the Road Ahead: Toward a Positive, Antiracist White Identity
Chapter 3 Encountering the Other: Contact
Chapter 4 Moral Dilemmas: Disintegration
Chapter 5 Defending Whiteness: Disintegration
Chapter 6 Toward Antiracism: Disintegration
Chapter 7 Retreating into Whiteness: Reintegration
Chapter 8 Emerging Antiracism: Reintegration
Chapter 9 False Confidence: Pseudo-Independence
Chapter 10 Transformation: Immersion/Emersion
Chapter 11 Positive Antiracist White Identity: Autonomy
Chapter 12 It’s Okay to Be White: Autonomy

About the Authors

"Social justice educators (of any background) who are looking for the most effective ways of working with White students will want to read this book. Using an understanding of White racial identity development, Tochluk and Saxman have created a resource that offers the tools needed to support students on their anti-racist learning journey." - Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD, president of Spelman College, and author of Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? and Other Conversations about Race

"Being White Today should be required reading for every white person who identifies as antiracist. Further, it would serve parents and caregivers of white youth to take in the insightful lessons learned and shared by the book’s authors. If we hope to create and sustain a truly inclusive, multiracial democracy, white people must know who they are racially, and more importantly, who they can be in the fight for liberation." - Lecia Brooks, Chief of Staff & Culture, Southern Poverty Law Center

"Being White Today is more than just a book! It is a vital navigation tool, helping readers unpack white racial identity and the sense of responsibility and accountability required to dismantle racist ideologies and concepts. Christine and Shelly expertly take their readers on a journey that is authentic, vulnerable, and full of self-reflection. Using evidence-based research, this book engages your critical thinking and provides a road map to guide you through a cycle of transformation." - Fadzi Whande, Chief of Section, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

"The recruitment of white youth into white nationalism is accelerating, and it is imperative that we wake up to this reality. We cannot interrupt what we don't see or understand. Distinguishing between white people and whiteness, and with a foundation in racial identity development, Tochluk and Saxman draw from years of experience in the halls of education to guide our efforts. With its approach of compassion rather than shaming, this illuminating and pragmatic book needs to be in the hands of everyone who interacts with white youth today." - Robin DiAngelo, author, White Fragility

"In the myriad of recent books centered on Whiteness and antiracism, Being White Today: A Roadmap for a Positive Antiracist Life by Tochluk and Saxman stands at the top of the must-read list. Through humanized narrative, real life examples, and multiple resources, White readers will engage in a life changing journey to becoming, and supporting, an antiracist society." - Eddie Moore Jr., PhD, Founder, The White Privilege Conference

"'Whiteness' is an acute field of battle in the political and cultural wars of this country. It continues to govern how we think, act, and interact. Can we move forward? Can we be un-trapped? Tochluk and Saxman say yes! Any further clarity on how we got here and where we need to go must consider the exhaustive and complex work they've contributed in this important book." - Luis J. Rodriguez, author, Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. and From Our Land to Our Land: Essays, Journeys & Imaginings of a Native Xicanx Writer

"Based on their years of working with white people, Saxman and Tochluk’s Being White Today offers keen insight and a wealth of suggestions for creating a positive, antiracist white identity and provides extensive practical tools for deepening our understanding and increasing our effectiveness in inviting other white people to join us in antiracism activism. Read this book to develop a white identity that will make you a more effective ally to people of color in the urgent multiracial struggle for racial justice." - Paul Kivel, educator, activist and author of Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, and a founding member of SURJ—Showing Up for Racial Justice

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