Beacon Press and Skinner House Books

The Unitarian Universalist Association owns two distinct and complementary presses, Beacon Press and Skinner House Books.


Beacon PressBeacon Press books seek to change the way readers think about fundamental issues, promoting such values as freedom of speech and thought, the importance of economic and social justice issues, religious pluralism, respect for our environment, and the importance of the arts in a civil society. Beacon has published several national bestsellers, and its books are frequently reviewed and discussed in national print and broadcast media. They are also used in university and secondary school curricula, citywide reading programs, and reading groups, and within a variety of organizational and faith-based reading programs.

Featured Titles from Beacon Press

Title:  Boys n the Void
Author: G'Ra Asim

Skinner House BooksLife never stops sending new spiritual challenges our way. How do we, as individuals and communities, find the path forward on crossing cultural borders, grappling with grief and loss, navigating cultural change, striving for justice and action, or questioning conscience and belief? Unafraid to tackle the thorniest issues, Skinner House brings you insightful writing for every age and stage. As an imprint of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Skinner House sits at the intersection of your progressive values and life's biggest questions. 

Featured Titles from Skinner House Books