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Love Beyond God
Author: Adam Lawrence Dyer
Product Code: 5789
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 05/20/2016

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play.

This timely collection of poems explores faith, race, love, identity, and more, and invites us to think deeply about our place and role in contemporary society. The latest installment in the popular Skinner House inSpirit series.

Price: $8.00
Author: Sheryll Cashin
Product Code: 6749
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 02/13/2018
How interracial love and marriage changed history, and may soon alter the landscape of American politics.
Price: $18.00
Me and White Supremacy
Author: Layla F. Saad
Product Code: 6689
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: 01/28/2020
The New York Times bestseller. This eye-opening book challenges white people to take action and dismantle the privilege within themselves, to stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on people of color, and in turn, help other white people do better, too.
Price: $25.99
Mistakes and Miracles
Authors: Nancy Palmer Jones, Karin Lin
Product Code: 6604
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 08/13/2019

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store.

Shares how five diverse congregations encounter frustrations and disappointments, as well as hope and wonder, once they commit to the journey to create multicultural, antiracist Beloved Community.

Price: $22.00
Author: Ethan Zuckerman
Product Code: 8482
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: W.W. Norton
Publication Date: 01/19/2021
The rise of mistrust is provoking a crisis for representative democracy—solutions lie in the endless creativity of social movements
Price: $26.95
Editor: Bob Adelman   Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
Product Code: 4875
Binding Info: Hard cover
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 10/25/2011

Price: $16.00
More Than Ready
Author: Cecilia Muñoz
Product Code: 6985
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Seal Press
Publication Date: 04/07/2020
Advice and inspiration for women of color seeking new heights of influence, from the top Latinx advisor to President Obama
Price: $28.00
Author: Sarah Conover   Foreword Bys: Eboo Patel, Eboo Patel
Product Code: 4425
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 06/14/2013
From Sarah Conover comes Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer. This biography of the Prophet of Islam for ages 9 and up will inspire and educate readers of all faiths.

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

Price: $14.00
Nice Racism
Author: Robin DiAngelo
Product Code: 5836
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 06/29/2021

Building on the groundwork laid in White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo explores how a culture of niceness inadvertently promotes racism

Price: $24.95
No is Not Enough
Author: Naomi Klein
Product Code: 6983
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publication Date: 06/13/2017

New York Times Bestseller
National Book Award Longlist
Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2017

Price: $16.95
No Study Without Struggle
Author: Leigh Patel
Product Code: 8900
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 07/20/2021

Examines how student protest against structural inequalities on campus pushes academic institutions to reckon with their legacy built on slavery and stolen Indigenous lands

Price: $24.95
Author: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Product Code: 8902
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 08/24/2021

Debunks the pervasive and self-congratulatory myth that our country is proudly founded by and for immigrants, and urges readers to embrace a more complex and honest history of the United States

Price: $29.95
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