More than 20 inspiring essays explore the vision, language and practice of Unitarian Universalism today.

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Twenty-two prominent ministers, lay leaders and theologians discuss the future of Unitarian Universalist social justice work. Their thoughts and hopes for the future are captured in this inspiring collection of essays. Grounding this mission in an historical context, these voices address questions like: How does our faith hold brokenness, injustice and suffering? and How do we develop a prophetic voice?

Hear what they have to say:

"We need to speak out not simply as liberals, but as religious liberals. Supporting liberal causes and taking liberal positions on political and social issues are not enough-we need to show that these positions are religiously grounded." — Paul Rasor

"In place of hubris, let us find a powerful humility, and from the realism born of that humility may we create a radically changed world." —Nancy McDonald Ladd

"We are called, as Moses was at the burning bush, to both hear the cries and see the beauty. Thus attuned, we can live a life devoted to liberation and reverence. The first step, as it was for Moses, is to take off our shoes and acknowledge that we are on holy ground." —Rebecca Parker

"Let us be artisans of hope, artisans of wonder, working with the clay of human longing, of our capacities for greed and indifference, exclusion and fear, as well as for generosity, courage, forgiveness and resilience. Let us build flourishing communities of honesty, inclusion, self-critique and hope." —Sharon Welch

"This is an exciting time to be an American. It is an exciting time to be a Unitarian Universalist. I, for one, am with Emma Goldman, who said, to paraphrase, 'I don't want to be part of a revolution that doesn't dance.'" —Robert Hardies

"We are people who have always affirmed human diversity. We have always looked to the future and seen new possibilities. We must do so again." —Peter Morales

"Open yourself to change. Be courageous. Commit to the struggle to reconcile injustice and embrace the multicultural community." —Paula Cole Jones

"Prophetic congregations refuse to accept brokenness as a final answer, but work from realistic hope, choosing life, choosing to be a blessing." —Meg Riley

"For Unitarians and Universalists, work for social justice is sacred. It does not depend on any authoritative book or tradition to make it so." —Dan McKanan

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