Michael's Notes

Michael's Notes

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Greetings all,

Skinner House Books is excited to announce the publication of Authentic Selves: Celebrating Trans and Nonbinary People and Their Families!

With a foreword by transgender activist Jazz Jennings and her mother and fellow activist, Jeanette Jennings, Authentic Selves was developed in collaboration with PFLAG National and the Transgender Legal Defense Fund.

So often, trans and non-binary people's stories are told only through the lens of their struggles and challenges, including their political battles for legal rights. But trans and nonbinary folks live rich and fulfilling lives full of joy and community, too. Authentic Selves is a sweeping complilation of life stories and portraits of trans & nonbinary people, as well as their partners, parents, children, siblings, and chosen family members. 

These compelling stories provide a glimpse into the real lives, both challenges and triumphs, of these remarkable people and their families -- people like Senator Sarah McBride, disability justice advocate Parker Glick, drag entertainer TAYLOR ALXNDR, 9/11 first responder Jozeppi Angelo Morelli, model Lana Patel, youth activist Elliot Bertrand, and so many others -- all of whom are working to create a more just, diverse, and compassionate world.

Authentic Selves is available starting Tuesday, May 2nd. You can also browse our other resources for, by, and about LGBTQIA folks right here.


Remember that proceeds from your purchases at inSpirit go to support the work of Skinner House Books, Beacon Press, and all other ministries and programming of the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

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Michael Colyott, Bookstore Manager

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