Ehime Ora

Ehime Ora (she/they), also known as Iya Ifawole Sangodosu Erinfunto Adeola, is a Nigerian writer, artist, and priestess of the Ifa & Orisa tradition. Ora is initiated into the societies of Ifa, Sango, and Erinle and is titled as an Iyanifia and Iyalorisa respectively. Ora was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, to a Sabonggida-Ora father and Urhobo mother and immigrated to the states at a young age, essentially growing up in the diaspora. Utilizing mediums of art such as writing, Ora creates captivating content that heals, elevates, and inspires the soul. She is grounded in her purpose of reconnecting others back to themselves as an educator of African Spirituality and holistic wellness. Through her creations, she facilitates tangible joy and spiritual well-being within her communities.

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