Spanning more than 35 years of work, the first comprehensive collection of essays, criticism, and articles by the legendary author of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston, showcasing the evolution of her distinctive style as an archivist and author.

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You Don’t Know Us Negroes is the quintessential gathering of provocative essays from one of the world’s most celebrated writers, Zora Neale Hurston. Spanning more than three decades and penned during the backdrop of the birth of the Harlem Renaissance, Montgomery bus boycott, desegregation of the military, and school integration, Hurston’s writing articulates the beauty and authenticity of Black life as only she could.

Collectively, these essays showcase the roles enslavement and Jim Crow have played in intensifying Black people’s inner lives and culture rather than destroying it. She argues that in the process of surviving, Black people re-interpreted every aspect of American culture - "modif[ying] the language, mode of food preparation, practice of medicine, and most certainly religion.”

White supremacy prevents the world from seeing or completely recognizing Black people in their full humanity and Hurston made it her job to lift the veil and reveal the heart and soul of the race. These pages reflect Hurston as the controversial figure she was - someone who stated that feminism is a mirage and that the integration of schools did not necessarily improve the education of Black students. Also covered is the sensational trial of Ruby McCollum, a wealthy Black woman convicted in 1952 for killing her lover, a white doctor.

Demonstrating the breadth of this revered and influential writer’s work, You Don’t Know Us Negroes and Other Essays is an invaluable chronicle of a writer’s development and a window into her world and mind.

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Editors’ Note

Part One On the Folk
Bits of Our Harlem
High John de Conquer
The Last Slave Ship
Characteristics of Negro Expression
Conversions and Visions
Spirituals and Neo-Spirituals
Ritualistic Expression from the Lips of the Communicants of the Seventh Day Church of God

Part Two On Art and Such
You Don’t Know Us Negroes
Fannie Hurst
Art and Such
Stories of Conflict
The Chick with One Hen
Jazz Regarded as Social Achievement
Review of Voodoo in New Orleans by Robert Tallant
What White Publishers Won’t Print

Part Three On Race and Gender
The Hue and Cry About Howard University
The Emperor Effaces Himself
The Ten Commandments of Charm
How It Feels to Be Colored Me
Race Cannot Become Great Until It Recognizes Its Talent
Now Take Noses
Lawrence of the River
My Most Humiliating Jim Crow Experience
The Lost Keys of Glory
The South Was Had
Take for Instance Spessard Holland

Part Four On Politics
The “Pet Negro” System
Negroes Without Self-Pity
The Rise of the Begging Joints
Crazy for This Democracy
I Saw Negro Votes Peddled
Mourner’s Bench
A Negro Voter Sizes Up Taft
Court Order Can’t Make Races Mix
Which Way the NAACP

Part Five On the Trial of Ruby McCollum
Zora’s Revealing Story of Ruby’s 1st Day in Court!
Victim of Fate!
Ruby Sane!
Ruby McCollum Fights for Life
Bare Plot Against Ruby
Trial Highlights
Justice and Fair Play Aim of Judge Adams as Ruby Goes on Trial
McCollum-Adams Trial Highlights
Ruby Bares Her Love Life
Ruby’s Story: Doctor’s Threats, Tussle over Gun Led to Slaying!
Ruby’s Troubles Mount: Names in $100,000 Lawsuit!
The Life Story of Mrs. Ruby J. McCollum
My Impressions of the Trial

Chronological List of Essays

“Vigorous writings from a controversial and important cultural critic.”- Kirkus Reviews

This volume enables readers both steeped in and new to Hurston to discover her acerbic wit, her crisp prose, and the breadth of her artistic ability and interests .... an invaluable nonfiction companion to the collection of Hurston's short stories.”- Booklist

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