Spark your sense of wonder and lift your spirits with this collection of fun, creative activities and ideas to help cultivate daily joy, illustrated with full-color photographs, artful watercolors, and inspiring stories.

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Do you remember the first time you saw the night sky blanketed in stars? Or that feeling of magic when you found your first sand dollar on the beach? Maybe it’s when you rode a bicycle for the first time and it felt like flying. Wonder taps us into the joy of being alive, opening our eyes to how much beauty there is in the world and how life can surprise us in the most delightful of ways.

Wonder Seeker reminds us that no one is too busy (or too old) to experience daily gratitude and delight. Filled with 52 fun, easy, and incredibly creative prompts and activities, this guide to joy helps us to step out of our ordinary lives, even for just a moment or two each day, to witness the magic all around us.

Andrea provides simple practices that bridge creativity and mindfulness and allow the imagination to play. These activities can be done anywhere and can be enjoyed solo, or with friends, family, and even strangers. The fun activities and suggestions in Wonder Seeker include:

Taking a curiosity walk
Writing a banana love note
Going on a wonder date
Writing a paint chip poem
Hosting a bubble flash mob
Making a wish tree
Choosing a superhero name
And much, much more!

As Andrea makes clear, you don’t need to be an artist or consider yourself “creative.” All you need is an open heart and a clear intention to find wonder and awe. It will renew your creative spirit, remind you of the marvels around you, and make your soul sing. Reclaim your inner happiness - let Wonder Seeker show you how.

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Foreword by Sark


Chapter 1: The Wonder of Nature
1. Take a Curiosity Walk
2. Take a Field Trip to the Grocery Store
3. Drink Moon Water
4. Go on a Wonder Date
5. Measure the Blueness of the Sky
6. Cloudspotting
7. Create a Wonder Space
Worksheet: What Are Some Memories of Wonder in Your Life

Chapter 2: The Wonder of You
8. Discover Your Superpowers
9. Let Others Appreciate You
10. Choose a Superhero Identity
11. Find Your Full-Body Yes
12. Write a Word on Your Body
13. Meet Whatever Shows Up with Kindness
14. Make a Time Capsule

Chapter 3: Creative Magic
15. Spine Poetry
16. Leave a Love Note on a Banana
17. Find a Face in an Unlikely Place
18. Extend the Invitation
19. Levitate
20. Write a Paint-Chip Poem
21. Grow the Lexicon

Chapter 4: Wonderspotting
22. Find a Heart on Your Path
23. A Riot of Color
24. Stroll at the Magic Hour
25. See the World Upside Down
26. Arrange Your World by Color
27. Search For Soft Color
28. Let’s Blend In
29. Find Beauty in an Unlikely Place
Worksheet: Your Wonder List

Chapter 5: The Wonder of Connection
30. Ask Someone about Their First Memories of Wonder
31. Give Something Away
32. The Teeny-Tiny-How-To Film Festival
33. Find a Gratitude Buddy
34. Practice Mudita
35. Talk to a Stranger
36. Host a Gratitude Party
37. Amplify Someone’s Joy
38. Host a Storybowl

Chapter 6: Creating Wonder for Others
39. Make a Wish Tree
40. Leave a Love Note in a Public Place
41. Balloon Poetry
42. Create Some Mail Art
43. Install a Fairy Door
44. Go Off-Script
45. Host a Bubble Flash Mob

Chapter 7: Everyday Magic
46. Set an Intention
47. Refuse to Know Anything for 24 Hours
48. Ask the Dictionary for Advice
49. Remember a Moment of Synchronicity
50. Talk to Someone’s Higher Self
51. Make a Blessing Stick
52. Sprinkle Your Sparkle
Tending Our Joy

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"This joyful, hopeful book is exactly what the world needs now. " - Chris Guillebeau, author of

"If you have ever wondered how to have more joy and adventure in your life, this book is your portable magic maker." -SARK, best-selling author of Succulent Wild Woman

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