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Published Date: 04/28/2012
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This packet of 100 handy wallet sized cards contains five inspirational quotes about Unitarian Universalism, and is perfect for greeters, membership committees, or anyone interested in promoting Unitarian Universalism to hand out to interested parties.

"Unitarianism proclaims that we spring from one source; Universalism, that we share a common destiny. Unitarian Universalists are neither a chosen people nor a people whose choices are made for them by theological authorities-ancient or otherwise. We are a people who chose."

- Rev. Forrest Church

"Unitarian Universalism is a non-judgmental religious home that will accept and support you wherever you may be in life's journey. It is a safe space to stand out, stand up, and change your mind, particularly during life's transitions. Our only doctrine is love."

- Victoria Mitchell

"Our religion is a religion of social concern, a religion of intellectual and ethical integrity, a religion that emphasizes the dynamic conception of history and the scientific worldview, a religion that stresses the dignity and worth of a person as a supreme value and goodwill as the creative force in human relations."

- Rev. Lewis A. McGee

"If you hunger for spirituality without dogma…
If you long to put yourself to work healing a suffering world…
If you want a faith community that helps you deepen into life's questions
Even when there are no final answers…
Unitarian Universalism may be your religious home."

- Rev. Kathleen McTigue

"Unitarian Universalists have said for centuries that there is room in our religion for all seekers. Skeptics and poets and scientists are welcome here, as are nonconformists and shy and uncertain folk. We believe that restlessness and doubts are a sign of grace, that the love of truth is the holiest of gifts."

- Rev. Barbara Merritt

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