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Published Date: 10/15/2008
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Here is a book for all boards:
  • Those wanting to operate with maximum effectiveness
  • Those needing to clarify exactly what their job is
  • Those wanting to ensure that all members — novice and veteran — are ‘on the same page’ with respect to their role and responsibilities

Kay Sprinkel Grace’s work will take your board members only one hour to read, and yet they’ll come away from The Ultimate Board Member’s Book with a firm command of just what they need to do to help your organization succeed.

It’s all here in 114 tightly organized and jargon-free pages: how boards work, what the job entails, the time commitment involved, the role of staff, serving on committees and task forces, fundraising responsibilities, conflicts of interest, group decision-making, effective recruiting, de-enlisting board members, board self-evaluation, and more.

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I Noble Service
1 America’s Nonprofit Sector
2 Your Unique Role
3 Why You Were Recruited
4 What the Job Entails
5 The Time Commitment
6 Deriving Satisfaction from Your Service
7 Honoring Your Position

II Holding In Trust
8 The Mission of Your Organization
9 Championing the Values
10 Your Legal Responsibilities
11 The Right to Be Informed
12 Conflicts of Interest

III How Boards Work
13 Qualities of an Effective Board
14 Decision Making
15 The board and Planning
16 Collective Wisdom, Individual Initiative
17 Committees and Task Forces
18 Working with Other Volunteers
19 Developing Yourself as a Board Member
20 Subverting Mediocrity

IV Meetings
21 The Purpose of Board Meetings
22 Attendance Required
23 Your Responsibility After Meetings
24 Bored or Board: It’s Up to You
25 Regional and National Meetings

V Development and Fundraising
26 Investment, Not Obligation
27 Philanthropy, Development and Fundraising
28 Whose Responsibility to Raise Money?
29 Your Rose in Raising Funds
30 Serving as Steward

VI Working with Staff
31 Role of the CEO
32 Relating to the CEO
33 Assessing the CEO
34 Working with Other Staff
35 Resisting the Urge to Micro-manage

VII Recruiting and Retaining
36 Recruiting an Effective Board
37 The Most Important Committee
38 Evaluating Your Own Effectiveness
39 De-enlisting Board Members
40 Yearly Meetings with Individual Members
41 When it’s Time to Resign

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