Product Code: 4390
ISBN: 9781577315902
Format: Paperback
Publisher: New World Library
Published Date: 05/01/1994
Pages: 160
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Why do elephants bury their dead? What makes birds sing and cranes dance? Do animals appreciate art? Do they know the difference between right and wrong? Do they experience awe and wonder? In this revised second edition of his celebrated book, Reverend Gary Kowalski combines heartwarming stories with solid science to show that other creatures are not insensitive objects devoid of feeling and intellect but thinking, sentient beings with an inward, spiritual life.

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by DaisyFig
on 6/18/2017
from Greenville, SC
Humankind's Best Friends
A great read! This book asks us to see animals in a new light and honor them as creatures that are as unique as we are in this universe. Animals are very intelligent and also very humble. If biomimicry has anything to teach us, it is that we have so much to learn from them and from nature. Us humans follow in the footsteps of St. Francis who loved all of God's creatures and of Emperor Ashoka who oversaw the humane treatment of animals during his reign. Building a better world must include respecting the souls of animals.
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