An economist demonstrates how LGBT equality and inclusion within organizations increases their bottom line and allows for countries’ economies to flourish
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Published Date: 05/19/2020
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We know that homophobia harms LGBT individuals in many ways, but economist M. V. Lee Badgett argues that in addition to moral and human rights reasons for equality, we can now also make a financial argument. Finding that homophobia and transphobia cost 1% or more of a country’s GDP, Badgett expertly uses recent research and statistics to analyze how these hostile practices and environments affect both the US and global economies.

LGBT equality remains a persistent and pertinent issue. The continued passing of discriminatory laws, people being fired from jobs for their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, harassment and bullying in school, violence and hate crimes on the streets, exclusion from intolerant families, and health effects of stigma all make it incredibly difficult to live a good life. Examining the consequences of anti-LGBT practices across multiple countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India and the Philippines, Badgett reveals the expensive repercussions of hate and discrimination, and how our economy loses when we miss out on the full benefit of LGBT people’s potential contributions.

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“Badgett’s logical arguments and copious evidence will resonate with business leaders and policy makers, and human rights activists will appreciate her good-faith efforts to reassure them that the economic and moral arguments for reform are complementary. This cogent account makes a persuasive case that everyone benefits from LGBTQ equality.” - Publishers Weekly

“The author’s concise, sound arguments demonstrate why it is necessary to ‘expand freedom and equality’ across the globe. Both a convincing discussion and a call to reformative action for LGBT equality across economic sectors of the world.” - Kirkus Reviews

“The denial of LGBT equality is morally wrong. Lee Badgett’s superbly researched book also shows the immense economic losses that result from this inhumanity. Eye-opening in its global scope, The Economic Case for LGBT Equality is a must-read for all business leaders and policymakers.” - Janet Yellen, Distinguished Fellow, Brookings Institution

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