An accessible and thorough guide to this growing grassroots movement by one of its most ardent proponents and practitioners.
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An accessible and thorough guide to this growing grassroots movement by one of its most ardent proponents and practitioners. Readers will learn why we need covenant groups and how best to convene, nurture and encourage them. Includes tools for creating covenant groups. Foreword by Thandeka. Hill, former UUA VP and district executive in the Southeast and Southwest Districts, founded an e-newsletter that is now edited and produced by the Small Group Ministry Network as "CGNEWS."
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Why Small Group Ministry?

What to Do Before You Start

Choosing, Appointing and Training Facilitators

Three Kinds of Covenants

Expanding Circles and Welcoming New Friends

The Varieties of Small Group Experience

A New Model of Ministry

Current Issues, Future Directions

Principle, Compassion, Openness and Hope

Small Group Ministry has taken the denomination by storm. By some accounts, at least half of our UU churches have implemented some form of Small Group Ministry in the past few years. Why? Because this approach meets needs most of us didn't know we had--the need for intimate connections with a limited number of people, the need to process our fast-moving lives in today's world, the need for a trusting environment where we can be honest, and the need to care for others.”

—Roger W. Comstock, Acting UUA District Executive, Northeast District

“For over 30 years, the Rev. Robert Hill has been a leader in the UUA¾as a minister, as a staff person at headquarters, and as a district executive. With experience, passion and wisdom, he’s been an early and eloquent proponent of Small Group Ministry--in fact, our most enthusiastic and successful evangelist! In this book, Hill offers far more than a succinct "how-to-do-it." He looks critically at our history, about periods of divisiveness which have often led to decline, at the self-limiting attitudes that bedevil our growth. This guide will be useful for readers who want to develop their own Covenant Groups as well as experienced Small Group Ministry practitioners who want to know more.”

—Glenn H. Turner, former UUA District Minister of the Northeast District

“This is a road map for helping our congregations make a difference in people’s lives and in the world.”

—Calvin Dame, Trustee, UUA Board

“No one is better qualified than Bob Hill to make the case that, at a time when big fears, big bucks and big missiles seem to rule the world, small really is beautiful because small, done right, can lead to the large and glorious. A sizable achievement.”

—William F. Schulz, President, UUA, 1985-93 Executive Director, Amnesty International USA

“The twin challenges for Unitarian Universalism just now are finding a public voice for our values and overcoming resistance to growth. Both of these challenges require our spiritual maturity. This book provides an opportunity for us to do just that--find our own spiritual center in an intimate setting.”

—Kay Montgomery, Former UUA Executive Vice President

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