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Publisher: Emerson and Church
Published Date: 01/02/2012
Pages: 111
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With the possible exception of How do I avoid fundraising? a board member's most commonly unasked question is, What do all these numbers mean and what am I supposed to do with them?

Financial planning and budgeting combine all of our money taboos with that common disorder, math phobia. Andy Robinson and Nancy Wasserman help trustees (and their staff colleagues) confront and address this fear with wisdom, clarity, humor, and humility. If you find math mysterious and scary, yet need to understand financial statements to do your job as a board member ... read this book.

Complements The Ultimate Board Member's Book, by Kay Sprinkel Grace.

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What Every Board Member Should Know… and Probably Doesn’t
When Things Go Horribly Wrong, Part 1: Where Did All the Money Go?
When Things Go Horribly Wrong, Part 2: Where Did All the Money Come from?
Managing Money is Managing Mission

Learning a New Language: Financial Management Isn’t Really about Math A Three-Minute Guide to Measuring Your Organization’s Financial Health
It’s Easier than You Think: Creating a 1-Page Financial Dashboard
Managing Risk, Part 1: Diversify Your Income
Managing Risk, Part 2: Financial Controls
Managing Risk, Part 3: Insurance and Other Necessities
How Much Control is the Right Amount? Finding the Best Altitude for Financial Oversight
“Do We Really Need a Finance Committee?”
It’s Not Your Money: Financial Conflicts of Interest
“Where Do We Stand, Where Have We Been?” Understanding and Using Financial Statements
Budgets as Maps: Planning Your Future
“Are We Heading in the Right Direction?” Managing the Budget
Big Ticket Purchases: Capital vs. Operating Expenses
How (and Why) to Read an Audit
Your Tax Return: Surprise, It’s Not Just about Money
Money in the Bank: Reserve Funds, Endowments, and Lines of Credit
Yes, This is Everyone’s Job: Training the Board
Developing the Next Generation of Nonprofit Financial Geniuses (Like You)

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