A walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk, hands-on, say-it-loud handbook for activist kids who want to change the world!
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Published Date: 09/04/2018
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Inspired by Abbie Hoffman’s radical classic, Steal This Book, author Alexandra Styron’s stirring call for resistance and citizen activism will be clearly heard by young people who don’t accept “it is what it is,” who want to make sure everybody gets an equal piece of the American pie, and who know that the future of the planet is now.

Styron’s irreverent and informative primer on how to make a difference is organized into three sections: The Why, The What, and The How. The book opens with a personal essay and a historic look at civil disobedience and teenage activism in America. That’s followed by a deep dive into several key issues: climate change, racial justice, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, immigration, religious understanding, and intersectionality.

Each chapter is introduced by an original full page comic and includes a summary of key questions, interviews with movers and shakers–from celebrities to youth activists–and spotlights on progressive organizations. The book’s final section is packed with how-to advice on ways to engage, from group activities such as organizing, marching, rallying, and petitioning to individual actions like voting with your wallet, volunteering, talking with relatives with different viewpoints, and using social activism to get out a progressive message.

This is a perfect book for older middle-schoolers and teens who care about the planet, the people with whom they share it, and the future for us all.

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The Why
A Note from Me to You
Introduction: on Making Good Trouble, Finding Joy, and Getting Down with Underground Fungus

The Who
A Few Great Moments in US Protest History
Teenage Rebels with a Cause!
In Her Own Words: Tokata Iron Eyes

The What
Climate Change
Art by Roz Chast
What We Talk about When We Talk about Climate Change
We Have Some Question’s for Gavin Schmidt, NASA
Spotlight on Our Children’s Trust
Spotlight on Boyan Slat and the Ocean Cleanup
We Have Some Questions for Shailene Woodley
Art by GB Tran
What WE Talk about When We Talk about Immigration
Spotlight on United We Dream
We have Some Questions for Jose Antonio Vargas, Define American
Spotlight on PROOF: Media for Social Justice
In Her Own Words: Lisette Diaz
Art by Nicole Georges
What We Talk about When We Talk about LGBTQIA Issues
We Have Some Questions for Jason Grimm
We Have Some Questions for Jason Collins
Spotlight on FIERCE
Racial Justice
Art by Richie Pope
What We Talk about When We Talk about Racial Justice
In His Own Words: BD Wong
We Have Some Questions for Eva Lewis, Youth for Black Lives
We Have Some Questions for Rashad Robinson, Color of Change
We Have Some Questions for Talib Kweli
Religious Understanding
Art by Marguerite Dabaie
What We Talk about When We Talk about Religious Understanding
We Have Some Questions for Ziad Ahmed, Redefy
Spotlight on Eboo Patel and Interfaith Youth Core
We Have Some Questions for Bassem Youssef
Women’s Rights
Art by Liz Prince
What We Talk about When We Talk about Women’s Rights
Talking with Carmen Perez
We Have Some Questions for Yasmeen Hassan, Equality Now
Talking with Sofie Karasek, End Rape on Campus
We Have Some Questions for Lena Dunham
Hold Up! Now Let’s Talk about Intersectionality
Disability Issues
We HAVE Some Questions for Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project

The How
How to Be an Ally
Know Your Rights!
Spotlight on NYCLU Teen Activist Project
Rock the Vote: All about Voting
This Is What Democracy Looks Like! Marches
Are You Going to Take This Sitting Down? Sit-Ins
Turn Your Back on ‘Em: Walkouts
Signs of Change: Petitions
Get Your MoC Woke: Engaging Your Representatives
School’s Out. Service Is In: Volunteering, Internships, Summer Programs
Financial Activism, or Voting with Your Wallet
Social Enterprise
How to Assess the News
Social Media Activism
Family Matters: Talking to Relatives You Disagree With
In Her Own Words: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Get Creative!

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“I’ve been waiting for this book since I was a socially active and angry teen as I looked upon a world I wanted to change but didn’t know how to do it. I wanted resources that explain the movements of this country and I wanted to know how I could be an active and meaningful part of them. Thank you thank you, Alexandra Styron, for the book I plan to give to all of the young people I know starting with my sons. Steal This Country will inspire you to invoke in yourself the passion of youth and ultimately, it can restore all of our faith in the possibility for change.”—MAYIM BIALIK, PhD

“Precisely what we need most right now, Steal This Country equips concerned, questioning readers with a tangible sense of continuity and tools to better understand intersecting movements—past and present—as interrelated components of a larger, ongoing struggle.”—Nate Powell, illustrator of March, winner of the National Book Award and the Coretta Scott King and Michael L. Printz Awards and of the New York Times bestseller, The Silence of Our Friends.

Steal This Country is a real-world action plan for young citizens with a conscience—and a much-needed reminder to the rest of us what well-aimed protest and resistance can accomplish. Democracy suffocates without it.”—Carl Hiaasen, nationally bestselling adult author whose popular middle-grade novels include the Newbery Honor book Hoot

Steal This Country turns America’s best moments—the Boston Tea Party, Seneca Falls, the Birmingham Childrens’ Crusade—into living history. Alexandra Styron has written a stunning call to action for every young American to read—and to rally behind.”—Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling crime novelist and the author of The Devlin Quick Mysteries for children.

“Particularly valuable is Styron’s discussion of practical techniques for conducting walkouts and sit-ins, talking to elected representatives, protecting privacy when blogging, and boycotting. This highly topical, inspiring volume informs readers how to be creative and persistent.” —Publishers Weekly

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