For the youngest activists among us, a book geared just for them full of facts, stories, and tips on how to change the world
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ISBN: 9780525514367
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Philomel Books
Pages: 144
Published Date: 10/02/2018
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What can I do to help save endangered animals? How can I eat healthy? Why do I need to cover my mouth when I cough? What do I do if I’m being bullied?

With information on problems both large and small, Chelsea Clinton breaks down the concepts of health, hunger, climate change, endangered species and bullying, so that readers can understand the world around them, and how they can make a difference in their own lives, as well as in their communities and the world at large. With comic drawings to illustrate Clinton’s words, photographs of real live kids who are making a difference today, and lists of ways to get involved, this book is the perfect introduction to young activists who want to make the world a better place.

Ages 7 - 10

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Chapter 1: Water, Weather and Why We Don’t Drink Our Poop
Chapter 2: Rhino Horns and Tiger Teeth Aren’t Magical
Chapter 3: Hearts, Lungs and Why We Should All Wash Our Hands
Chapter 4: Food, Hunger and Why Vitamins Are Awesome
Chapter 5: Allies, Friends and Standing Up to Bullies

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