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Published Date: 05/16/2006
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As any good storyteller knows, audience participation often makes the difference between a so-so story and a terrific tale. Here, veteran performer Margaret Read MacDonald shares her experience in this collection of multicultural stories that involve plenty of audience involvement. You'll find riddle stories, improvisational stories, singing tales, tandem tales, and much more. The stories in Shake-It-Up Tales! are all easy to learn and easy to tell, and MacDonald prefaces each one with different suggestions for involving the audience, from implementing a simple refrain to casting listeners in the lead roles. Additionally, she provides an extensive list of resources and guides for each element of audience participation (or story play, as she calls it) introduced. An invaluable resource for anyone telling stories to children-parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians.

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Playing with Story
Chanting, Singing, Dancing, Drumming
Chants, Claps, Motions, and Sound Effects
The Terrible Nung Guama: A Folktale from China
Miera Miera Meow!: A Folktale from the South of France

Singing Tales
Batis! Batis!: A Folktale from France
Telesik: A Folktale from the Ukraine

Dancing Tales
El Conejito: A Folktale from Panama
Pickin' Peas: A Folktale from Alabama

Drumming Tales
Fari Mbam: A Wolof Folktale from Gambia
The Big Man Drum: A Dai Folktale from China

Talk-Back Tales
Stories with Improv Slots
The Girl Who Wore Too Much: A Pu-Thai Folktale from Isaan (Northeastern Thailand)
Buchettino: A Folktale from Italy

Riddle Stories
The Rich Man Seeks a Daughter-in-Law: A Folktale from Isaan (Northeastern Thailand)
The Hare Who Married a Princess: A Fon Folklore from Benin

The Little Old Woman Who Hated Housework: Elaborated from Scottish Folk Tradition
What a Wonderful Life!: Retold from Jewish Folk Tradition

Tandem Telling
The Elephants and the Bees: A Folktale from Thailand
Little Boy Frog and Little Boy Snake: Based on an Ekoi Folktale

Story Theater
Pan Kotsky: A Folktale from the Ukraine
Nanny Goat and her Two Little Kids: A Folktale from France

Act-It-Out Tales
Baby Rattlesnake's First Rattle: A Pawnee Tale
Tom Thumb's Wedding: A Folktale from Italy
Your Turn
"An essential tool for librarians looking for participation tales from different cultures. Each of the 20 stories is easy to learn and MacDonald provides wonderful ideas on how to inspire elementary-aged children to join in and become part of the storytelling tradition. Tips for the telling (including props in some cases) and a short history of the folktale follow each selection. The entries are divided into three basic categories: "Chanting, Singing, Dancing, Drumming"; "Talk-Back Tales," subdivided into "Stories with Improv Slots" and "Riddle Stories"; and "Dramatic Play," including "Actors-from-the-Audience," "Tandem Telling," "Story Theatre," and "Act-It-Out-Tales." Each section includes an annotated list of additional selections from which to choose. One downside is that there is no index, but the table of contents is detailed enough that those searching for tales should have no trouble locating them. Overall, a great resource." - Jennifer Parker ,School Library Journal
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