A handbook for effective activism, advocacy, and social justice for people of all ages and backgrounds
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Are you ready to take action and make your voice heard, but don’t know how to go about it?

This hands-on, hit-the-ground-running guide delivers lessons on practical tactics for navigating and protecting one’s personal democracy in a gridlocked, heavily surveilled, and politically volatile country. If you want to start making a difference but don’t know what to do next, Road Map for Revolutionaries provides the resources needed to help you feel safer, more empowered, invested in, and intrinsic to the American experiment.

The book addresses timely topics such as staying safe at protests, supporting marginalized communities, online privacy, and how to keep up the fight for the long term, breaking down key issues and outlining action steps for local, state, and federal levels of government.

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1 Protests and Civil Disobedience
Field Notes: Terms and Concepts to Know
Learn Your Rights: The Constitution and Protests
How to Use Social Medial to Raise Awareness, Consciousness, and Funding
Why Marches and Protests Matter
Revolutionary Organizer: Patrisse Cullors
Ally-Supported Movements
Revolutionary Healer: Dr. Tara Sood
Self-Care for Protestors
What to Do If Teargassed
Getting Arrested: How to Deal with Law Enforcement, Police, Immigration Agents, or FBI Encounters
Takeaways and Resources

2 Protecting Yourself Online and Off
Field Notes: Terms and Concepts to Know
Learn Your Rights: The Constitution and Search, Seizure, Surveillance
Digital Security at Home, On the Go, and Abroad
Protecting Yourself in the United States as a Noncitizen
Paranoia 101: What to Really Worry About
Terms of Service and Privacy Policies: Where Your Data Goes
How to Set Up Your Kids or Parents to Give You Access but Protect Them from Surveillance
Takeaways and Resources

3 Economic Pressure
Field Notes: Terms and Concepts to Know
Boycotts, Buycotts, Divestments: Spending Your Money Wisely
Case Study: Taking Down an Oppressor- The Bill O’Reilly Timeline
What Shareholders Can Do
Where You Work: Company Policies and How to Advocate for Change
Case Study: Improving a Women’s Company’s Health-Care Coverage
Takeaways and Resources

4 Getting Into (And Out Of) The Government
Field Notes: Terms and Concepts to Know
A Local, State, and Federal Government Org Chart
What Political Parties Do Versus What Government Does
Revolutionary Candidate Catalyst: Erin Vilardi
From the Mouths of Local Officials: Election Know-How
How to Embed Yourself in Your Local Political Party
Making a Third Party Viable
What Would It Take to Reform the Electoral College?
How to Protect Your, and Other People’s Vote
How to Meet, Lobby, and Influence Representatives
Takeaways and Resources

5 Reform School: Reforming Other Institutions In Our Lives
Field Notes: Terms and Concepts to Know
Reforming the Media
How to Vet a Media Source
Escape Your Media Bubble
From the Mouths of Media-Makers: Navigating the Media Landscape
Revolutionary Millennial Media Mogul: Tavi Gevinson
Reforming through Nonprofit or Advocacy Groups
Nonprofit and Advocacy Group Founder Wisdom
Art and Advocacy: Embracing Creative Activism as a Career
How to Make the Most of Online Petitions
From the Mouths of Organizers: Building Sustainable Grassroots Organizations
Reforming he Education System
Influencing and Improving Campus Sexual Assault Policies
Learn Your Rights: The Constitution and Free Speech on Campus, and Other Issues
Revolutionary Educator: Kelly Wickham Hurst
How to Push Back on Unfair Dress Codes
Reforming Your Health-Care Rights
How to Fight for Your Reproductive Rights
How to Get Contraception Affordably
Revolutionary Transgender Rights Activist: Bri Barnett
Getting Access to Disability Services and Support
Takeaways and Resources


Road Map for Revolutionaries answers all the questions you were afraid to ask, plus some you never thought of. It’s portable, requires no batteries or electricity, and was created by three smart women. I recommend it!” —Gloria Steinem, activist and writer

“As we look around and see this troubling rise of violence, intolerance, and injustice, in our world, many people want to play a more active role in solving these problems. The biggest issue is most of us do not know how. Thankfully, these three brilliant and bad-ass women wrote the book we have been waiting for. Road Map for Revolutionaries is a powerful step by step guide that shows us how to move from outrage to action in ways that lead to sustainable impact and change. If you are ready to change the world right now, read this book and go get to work.” —Bobby Jones, CMO of PeaceFirst

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