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Inspire kids and teens to personal, community, and social action with this book of thirty true stories of young people overcoming adversity to achieve great things and make a difference around the world. Compelling, funny, inspiring, and poignant, the book features kids and teens who used their heads, their hearts, their character, their courage, and sometimes their stubbornness to help others and do amazing things. Inside you’ll find examples of youth volunteering, kids making a difference, and young people initiating community and social action to change their world.

Eleven-year-old Tilly saved the lives of 100 people in Thailand because she knew the warning signs of a tsunami. Ten-year-old Jean-Dominic won a battle against pesticides—and the cancer they caused in his body. Fifteen-year-old Malika fought against segregation in her Alabama town. Six-year-old Ryan raised over one million dollars to drill water wells in Africa. And thirteen-year-old Bethany, a competitive surfer, lost her left arm (and almost her life) to a shark, but got back on her surfboard. In all, Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change profiles 30 multicultural kid heroes in five areas:

*Kids Saving the Environment
*Kids Standing Up for Themselves
*Kids Helping Others
*Kids Overcoming Challenges
*Kids Using Talents and Creativity

As young readers meet these boys and girls from around the globe, they may wonder, “What kind of hero lives inside of me?” Teachers, use this engaging resource for service learning, character education, and social studies.

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Foreword by Bethany Hamilton

Chapter 1: Kids Saving the Environment

The Doggy Dung Disaster (Japan): Haruka Maruno invents an environmentally friendly poop scooper and saves Japan from mountains of smell dog poop.
The Longest Walk (Mexico): When Omar Castillo Gallegos learns about the destruction of the Mexican rainforest, he takes a walk – a long walk – to save it.
Turtle Power (USA): An Illinois housing development threatens the habitat of turtles. That’s when Henry Cilley gets tough
Plastic Bag Sacked (India): Harshit Agrawal founds an environmental protection club in India to cut down on the use of bags – paper and plastic.
Show Me the Water! (Australia): koalas and wallabies aren’t the only things in Australia that need Amy Beal’s help – the Murray River is getting lower every year.
Comic Book Hero (Japan) it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Aika Tsubota’s comic book! the book on protecting the environment is the talk of Japan – and the world!

Chapter 2: Kids Standing Up for Themselves
Top of the World (India): What would you do if people told you girls can’t climb mountains? If you’re Santosh Yadav, you prove them wrong.
When Small Voices Unite (Columbia): Farliz Calle is student-body president, but can she stop a civil war? With the help of the Columbian Children’s peace Movement, she plans to find out.
Come Together (Kosovo): Ivan Sekulovic and Petrit Selimi are from opposite sides of an ethnic conflict. That doesn’t stop them from uniting for peace.
Get Up, Stand Up (USA): What would you do if you weren’t included in some classes because of your race? Malika Sanders doesn’t take this injustice sitting down.
Living Proof (Canada): Jean-Dominic Leveque-Rene is watching The Simpsons when he feels a lump in his neck. He fights cancer at the same time he fights use of the chemicals that caused it.
From Rug Maker to Rescuer (Pakistan): Iqbal Masih escapes from a Pakistani rug factory and speaks out against child labor – even thought he knows there’s danger involved.

Chapter 3: Kids Helping Others
Hear That? (USA): Talk about a cool science-fair project! Ryan Patterson invents a sign-language translator. Will it help him get a date?
Pop Art (Japan): Junichi Ono is an art prodigy who uses drawings to help heal the world.
Early Warning System (United Kingdom): A bad day at the beach turns tragic when a tsunami strikes the coast of Thailand. But because of Tilly Smith, many people in danger find safety.
Workers Unite! (China): Chen Chiu-Mian is in the house and she’s fighting for workers’ rights in China.
Sow What You Reap (Ghana): In Ghana, many kids spend their days gathering firewood. That is until P.B.L. Agyirey-Kwakye decides to plant some trees!
Ryan’s Wells (USA): To a six-year-old, $70 is a lot of money. But that’s what Ryan Hreljac has to raise to dig a well in Uganda. And that’s just the beginning.

Chapter 4: Kids overcoming Challenges
Back on the Board (USA): Like a lo of people living in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton loves surfing – just not with sharks. After losing her left arm, will she find the courage to surf again?
A Wish to Breathe Free (Romania): After Izidor Ruckel is adopted from a Romanian Orphanage he becomes the voice of all the children left behind.
The Matchless Girl of Matches (Bangladesh): Fatema Begum uses chickens, a sewing machine, and an education to free herself from a match factory in Bangladesh.
Lemons to Lemonade (USA): The sign says Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Cancer – 50 Cents a Glass Alexandra Scott isn’t just raising money for cancer research – she’s fighting for her life.
New Land, New Life (Ethiopia): Mawi Asfedom and his family walk across the desert to escape war in Ethiopia. Can they find a better life in a new land?
A Leg Up on the Competition (USA): Rudy Garcia-Tolson is a powerhouse triathlete with no legs but a lot of heart.

Chapter 5: Kids Using Talents and Creativity
See It to Believe It (India): Krutti Parekh eats fire and walks over hot coals. But her biggest trick is bringing trash back to life.
Outta This World (USA): What’s so unusual about Christopher Paolini? Well, for starters, he’s the author of the best-selling Eragon.
Sports Hero (Vietnam): Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son is a chess champion from Vietnam who sets out to make history.
Beyond His Years (USA): Mattie Stepanek’s books of Poetry not only make the bestseller list but change people’s lives.
Young Master Yani (China): Wang Yani is a master with a paintbrush. Find out how she tours the world with her paintings of monkeys.
Small Paint (USA): Vaishali Kiran Grover uses her skills as a scientist to keep snails out of her garden and stumbles onto a major discovery.

A Note from the Author
Bibliography: Cool Articles, Web sites, and books for learning more about heroes.
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