As only a fundraising grandmaster can do, Jerold Panas combines advice you can use today with insights that will guide your fundraising for the foreseeable future.

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ISBN: 9781889102528
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Published Date: 06/01/2014
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You have a worthy project AND you’ve identified a prospect with means. How do you connect the two in a way that produces a sizable gift?

Jerold Panas, America’s wunderkind fundraiser, shows you the way in How to Make a Case Your Donors Will Love.

On one level, the book is a “how-to” guide. You learn to present your cause in its most irresistible light. You become confident fielding the questions your donors will ask. You discover deft ways to use stories and statistics to enliven your cause. And you come away knowing when to cast aside normal fundraising conventions.

But on another level, Making a Case Your Donors Will Love is also a roadmap to your donor’s mind. You learn what makes philanthropists tick, what motivates them to write out sizable checks, what they look for in solicitors, what turns off your potential supporters, and how to earn their loyalty for years to come.

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1. The Magic of the Word
2. Dance with the Bears
3. Know Your Reader
4. One Suit Doesn’t Fit All
5. The Powerful Seven
6. Hold the Light for Others to See
7. Bigger Than Your Organization
8. Why Should I Invest?
9. The Thread That Binds
10. Determination, Direction, Dedication
11. Statistics and Damn Lies
12. Think in the Future
13. Risk the Hoary No-Noes
14. Getting Ready
15. You Simply Begin
16. Leave Nothing Unanswered
17. The End of the Beginning
18. A Committee Revises the Copy

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