The best-selling author and spiritual teacher shares practices for living with wisdom and integrity even in confusing and uncertain situations.
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Is it possible to live well when the very ground we stand on is shaky? Yes, says everyone's favorite Buddhist nun, it's even possible to live beautifully, compassionately, and happily on shaky ground—and the secret is: the ground is always shaky. Pema shows how using a traditional Buddhist practice called the Three Vows or Three Commitments, offering us a way to relax into profound sanity in the midst of whatever non-sanity is happening around us. Just making these simple aspirations can change the way we look at the world and can provide us with a lifetime of material for spiritual practice.
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The Overview

1. The Fundamental Ambiguity of Being Human
2. Life without the Story Line
The First Commitment: Committing To Not Cause Harm
3. Laying the Foundation
4. Be Fully Present, Feel Your Heart, and Leap
5. Staying in the Middle
The Second Commitment: Committing To Take Care Of One Another
6. Beyond Our Comfort Zone
7. Breathing In Pain, Breaking Out Relief
8. The Catalyst for Compassion
The Third Commitment: Committing To Embrace The World Just As It Is
9. Nowhere to Hide
10. Awakening in the Charnel Ground
Concluding Words
II. We Are Needed
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