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The Fellowship Movement
Author: Holley Ulbrich
Product Code: 6223
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House
Publication Date: 10/31/2007
The fellowship movement officially ended in 1967, but its influence lives on today.
Price: $14.00
The Growing Church
Editor: Thom Belote
Product Code: 3741
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 01/05/2010

Also available as an eBook from Google eBooks or as an eBook from Kindle eBooks.

The Growing Church is an open invitation to experience the progress of some of our fast-growing congregations and to see ministry through the eyes of those who have led their congregations toward vitality and expansion.

Price: $12.00
The Nested Bowls
Author: Laura Park
Product Code: 6891
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Unity Consulting
Publication Date: 10/10/2018
A practical book for congregations interested in bringing clarity and focus to their ministry
Price: $9.99
The Shared Pulpit
Author: Erika Hewitt
Product Code: 7462
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 02/14/2014

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

A workshop guide to develop preaching experience among lay people. This 8-session seminar includes a leader's guide, readings, sample sermons, and exercises to help first-time preachers polish their craft.

Price: $14.00
The Spirit That Moves
Editor: Barbara Child
Product Code: 7526
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 05/17/2019

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store.

In The Spirit That Moves, editor Barbara Child has collected a wealth of worship materials to help you and your congregation turn transition into transformation.

Price: $16.00
The Ultimate Board Member’s Book
Author: Kay Sprinkel Grace
Product Code: 7458
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Emerson and Church Publishers
Publication Date: 10/15/2008

Price: $24.95
The Whole Church
Author: Kenneth Reeves
Product Code: 6697
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield/Alban Books
Publication Date: 07/15/2019
Offers congregational leaders an understanding of a church system as a whole community composed of interacting members in which change in one influences all
Price: $29.00
Transforming Conflict
Author: Terasa Cooley   Foreword by: Gil Rendle
Product Code: 8958
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Alban
Publication Date: 05/15/2022

Treats conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow, both individually, and institutionally

General Assembly 2022

Price: $22.00
Upcycle Your Congregation
Editor: Sarah Lammert
Product Code: 7395
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 04/17/2018

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play.

Engaging essays from Unitarian Universalist leaders in the field show creative ways to transform and “upcycle” the main ingredients of our congregations into something relevant, innovative, and new.

Price: $15.00
When Youth Lead
Author: Jill M. Schwendeman
Product Code: 4914
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: UUA
Publication Date: 01/15/2007
This book belongs to the Tapestry of Faith Toolkit Series provided by the UUA Faith Development Office. Toolkit Books provide background knowledge, inspiration, and practical guidance to program and lead UU faith development and to help us explore and live our faith in our congregations, neighborhoods, nation, and world.
Price: $15.00
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