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The 2002 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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Published Date: 05/01/2002
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Nancy Shaffer’s provocative collection of poems is an invitation to savor joy and make a place for grief. Use these meditations when gathered in worship or alone, for direction in a time of crisis or as a simple celebration of daily brushes with the divine.

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Were I to Teach a Course on God

In the Beginning

In Stillness

Because We Spill Not Only Milk

First Sabbath


Field at Table

Blessing for Bodies

A Theology Adequate for the Night

After a Sacramento Bee Report, May 30, 1999


Offering for Grief

Questions, Driving Near Dusk

That Which Holds All


Last Learning


Remembered One


For Margaret, Who Fights the Same Battle Over and Over

Pieces of Good

Plain of Water

Hauling Out Stones


How to Tell Anguish


Prayer for This Church


On Leaving Home

This Making of a Whole Self


Still the Moon Increases


I would teach God with plates of pomegranates,

both before they were opened and after.

I would bring wet washcloths.

We would bury our faces and eat:

all that luminescent purple-red,

those clear-bright kernels fitted in tight rows

on small and tumbling hills—

and all that juice, so easily broken, sweet

and puckery at once. We would say nothing.

from “Were I to Teach a Course on God”

“Nancy's world is riddled with epiphanies, her kitchen table an altar set for communion, her anger pure, her sorrow sacramental. Nancy reaches my soul. With unadorned honesty and eloquent humility, she invites me first to bless the life I am given, and then to redeem this gift by sharing it. She instructs my joy.”

—Rev. Forrest Church, Unitarian Church of All Souls, New York, New York

“Nancy Shaffer is a poet of extraordinary power.”

—Rev. Tom Goldsmith, First Unitarian Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

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