Over 100 traditions and rituals to commemorate and honor life's milestones.
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Published Date: 07/27/2007
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"How to Bury a Goldfish is a great gift. Filled with rituals that bring simplicity and clarity to our busy lives, it reminds us that everyday traditions are what give our lives meaning."

-Marilyn J. Mason, Ph.D., author of Igniting the Spirit at Work: Daily Reflections

Filled with ways to instill mindfulness and grace into the passages of everyday life, How to Bury a Goldfish offers more than 100 new traditions and rituals to commemorate and honor special moments and milestones. Drawing on cherished memories of moments enjoyed with family and friends, Virginia Lang and Louise Nayer share a wealth of creative ceremonies that can be adapted to fit any lifestyle.

The authors offer rituals to honor the ordinary, everyday events in our lives; to celebrate accomplishments like voting or driving a car for the first time; and to comfort us through more serious and sensitive issues, such as the loss of a job, the end of a marriage, or the loss of a parent or unborn baby. From helping a single friend begin a new home life, to making the transition into retirement, to relieving a child?s grief at the loss of a cherished pet, there is something here for everyone. Through the art of simple ritual and ceremony, How to Bury a Goldfish reminds readers to slow down, sit in silence, and savor the essence of their daily lives.

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Greeting the Day in Peace
Calling Your Body from Sleep
Morning Shower
The Family Morning Sendoff
A Workplace Check-In
Writing as Ritual Time
Meditation for a Child
The Word Hat
Cooking with Children
First Fruits of the Season
Tuning in to Twilight
The Family Dinner
Setting a Place for Elijah
Nighttime Prayer
The Storytelling Stool
Healing from Deep Hurts
The Family Meditation
Balm for a Tired Parent
Seeding Sweet Dreams
Creating Space
A Weekly Family Meeting
Welcoming a Stepchild
The Family Time-Out
Family Stories
Expression Night at Home
Virtual Shopping
A Grandchild/Grandparent Day
The "No Place Special" Day
Learning to Look in Nature
The Men'-s Group

Beginning a More Creative Life
Seeing the Blessings
Waiting to Adopt
Loving Hands for a Mother-to-Be
A Mother's First Week after Giving Birth
Waiting for a Sister or Brother
Special Time for an Older Child
New Parents Learning from the Past
Beginning Life in a New Home
Beginning to Serve Yourself

Fabulous Firsts
First Day of School for a Preschooler
First Day Back to School
Young Child's First Performance
First Time at Sleep-Away Camp
Teen's First Job
First-Time Driver
First-Generation College Graduate
First-Time Voter
First Apartment

Red-Letter Days
An Adoption Ceremony
Choosing a Spiritual Mentor
Honoring Special People in the Lives of Families
A Father-and-Son Pilgrimage
Going Off to College
Finding Your Strength in an Interview
The Wedding Tree
Celebrating Your Anniversary
A Birthday Tribute
A Retirement Autograph Book
Honoring a Mentor
The Accomplishment Book

The Life Collage
When a Friend Moves Away
Making Choices
Welcoming a Young Woman into the Circle
A Father-and-Son Journey
The Letter Shower for a Teen
Laying Aside a Child's Love Object
A Celebratory Haircut
Keeping Faith with a Newly Disabled Friend
From Couple to Parents
When You Don't Get Your Dream Job
Creating the Home You Want
Nighttime City Walks
A Woman's Midlife Journey
Losing a Job
The End of a Marriage
Honoring a Special Elder
Saying Goodbye to a Home
Helping an Elder Move to Assisted Living
Caring for Future Generations

How to Bury a Goldfish
When a Chil-d Loses a Parent
Losing an Unborn Child
Accepting Infertility
A Ritual for Grief and Loss
The Death of a Parent
A Ritual After a Death
Honoring a Rich Life
The Anniver-sary of a Death
A Tragic Death

New Year's Eve
Children's New Year
Annual Family Time Capsule
Celebrating the New Year with a Chinese Tradition
Valentine's Day without a Valentine
The Single Person's Valentine's Day
Rite of Spring
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Harvest Moon Festival
Thanksgiving for a Couple
Thanksgiving with Children
Day of the Dead
Winter Solstice
Heartfelt Christmas
What You Need o Index cards on which you have written words expressing qualities such as hope, perseverance, generosity, grace, forgiveness o A hat with a flat bottom What You Do Place the index cards in a hat. Keep the "word hat" by the front door. Once a week, let each person select one word from the hat to take along for the day. Later, at dinner, have each person share the word he got and how it showed up during the day. For example, a child who got the word forgiveness may see that the grudge she is holding against a friend is festering with each day that they do not speak to each other. Generosity may inspire a new thought about a homeless person asking for money. -from "The Word Hat"

"This book is filled with rituals for many important occasions. Rituals are simply events given what Mary Oliver calls 'the rich lens of attention.' But in the end, they are what give us mindful joy and connect us to each other. I recommend this book as a way to be more intentional in the life of your family and community."

—Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

"A simple goldfish garden burial is certainly more comforting than a flush. It takes little time, little effort and no money. Honoring small moments keeps us fully present but often in our busy lives we forget to acknowledge the daily ordinary happenings. How to Bury a Goldfish is a friendly reminder. With over 100 suggestions for simple everyday rituals, Virginia Lang and Louise Nayer guide us to fill our days with more meaning. Following an introductory inspirational quote, each ceremony suggests an easy-to-follow list of what you need (items cost next to nothing) and what you do. The rituals range from the light-hearted 'Morning Shower' and 'Celebratory Haircut' to sensitive issues such as 'Losing a Job' and 'Helping an Elder Move.' Noting events both milestone - getting a first apartment - and ordinary - cooking dinner - the art of simple ritual makes each day a celebration."

—Gail Lord, Spirit of Change, Spring 2008

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by Molly
on 1/12/2016
from Omaha
Excellent resource for my library
I recently ordered "How to Bury a Goldfish" as a book to help my congregation work through the joys and sorrows of life through little rituals they can adapt to their home. It is a lifespan book: rituals to help the child-free, the child-blessed, the young and the elders.  It is nearly 200 pages of ideas to create ritual around important life passages as well as recognizing the magic of daily life. I think that I will also be using this as a go-to resource for multigen services, etc. as a DRE.
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