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The 2003 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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Selections from 30 UU contributors. From the innocent wonder of a toddler learning to walk in "The Thrill of Being Upright" (by Paul Kismith) to the compassion and hope offered in "Prayer for the Country in Crisis" (by Bruce Clary), the diversity of these meditations embraces many moods and occasions.

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Preface  Tom Stites

This Is How We Are Called  Kimberly Beyer-Nelson

Moonlight In The Frost  Danny SwiceGood

To Fill The Void  Mary Zoll

The Song of the Soul of the Earth  Susan Podebradsky

Cleaning the Kitchen  Jeanne Desy

Bread Sacrament  Lois Ann Carrier

Be Like Water  Kendra Ford

The Gift  Lois Ann Carrier

Rest By Me  Steve Schick

Journeying  Elizabeth Faue

Instructions  Marcia Lewton

But Mostly Like Is Like This  Roger Butts

God On A Bad Day  Daniel O'Connell

April Foold  Lisa Friedman

The Virtues of Crookedness  Jeffrey A. Lockwood

The Thrill of Being Upright  Paul Kismith

November  Kendra Ford

Dancing In The Wind  David Bumbaugh

The Vase   David S. Blanchard

Salvation  Peter House

I Do Not Have A Personal Relationship With God  Patrick Murfin

The Church Where Everything Goes Wrong  Elea Kemler

Back-Scratcher  David Bumbaugh

Fairy Godmother  Krissa Palmer

Angels In Small Places  Kay Frazier

The Creation of women  Eva Ceskava

From Song to Echo  Jacqueline Beauregard

A Little Piece Of Our Souls  Steven F. Smith

Broken Shell  Kitty Schoole

When I Heard of Your Loss I Called  Pat King

Backpack  Jacqueline Beauregard

Standing In The Dark  Pat King

Too Close to Death  Elea Kemler

Memorial For A Friend  Marcia Lewton

Prayer For The Country In Crisis  Bruce M. Clary

Revelation Of A Genesis  Jacqueline Beauregard

A Solstice Reflection  Steve Schick

My Psalm  Roger Buutss

One Wish  Lisa Friedman

The Long Walk  David S. Blanchard

Vietnamese Christmas  Rus Cooper-Dowda

Holy Kitchen  Mary Wellemeyer

23 Latkes  Rus Cooper Dowsa

The Really Interesting Things Happened 12 Billion Years Ago  Mary Zoll

In the hours before the birds

stream airborne

with chiming voice,

a silent breath rests in the pines,

and upholds the surface of the lake

as if it were a fragile bubble

in the very hand of God.

And I think,

this is how we are called.

from "This Is How We Are Called" by Kimberly Beyer-Nelson

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