Grateful People Are Happier People
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The Grateful Life is a guide to discovering—and realizing—your dreams through the power of positivity. What can gratitude do for you? Recent studies have shown that gratitude will make you calmer and healthier, as well as bring higher levels of satisfaction to all your relationships.

Each of the ten chapters illustrates the benefits of this new approach to your life, including “A Serving of Thanks a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Science Substantiates the Health Benefits of Gratitude,” “The Grateful Workplace: Increase Productivity and Happiness While You Work,” and “The Secret to a Gratitude Makeover: How to Create Gratitude Practices That Stick.”

Being grateful is being mindful, at all times, of the many blessings in your life.

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How Gratitude and Intentional Behavior Move to Our Hearts, Creating Blessings in Our Lives
In the Midst of Grief: Finding Gratitude through Play
Sidebar: The Network for Grateful Living
It’s My Birthday, and I Can Give If I Want To: How One Woman Turned Her Annual Bash into Life-Altering Hope for Abandoned Babies and Children
Sweet Blessings: Meaningful Coincidences Carry on Her Parents’ Fullness of Life Sidebar: Gratitude Prayer

Living Life with Passion: How Gratitude Can Clarify Your life Purpose
He Lost his Sight and Found His Mission: World Blind Gold Champion Helps Others to Visualize Success
Sidebar: Honoring Home and Hearth with Gratitude
Laughing Yourself to Health and Healing: Humor as a Tool to Stay Positive and Live Longer
All That Is Possible: Busy Executive Connects to the Homeless with Compassion
Sidebar: Some Statistics We Can Appreciate

The Grateful Workplace: Increase Productivity and Happiness While You Work
Thinking Outside the Corporate Box: Why Appreciation in the Workplace is Life Changing
Sidebar: Nine-to-Five: Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work
Creating a Culture of Gratitude: How One Woman Is Cultivating Contentment in the Workplace
Friends Rally Towns to Transform Street Art into the Gratitude Graffiti Project
How Altruism Evokes Gratitude, Which Spreads Happiness
Living Life in the Grateful Lane: The Road Gets Rough, but This Runner Never Falters
Breaking Pointe: You Can’t Stop This Dancer: Gratitude Becomes Best Practice for Recovery and Resolve to Help Others
Being Alright: Daughter -Turned-Doctor Reaches Back to Help Domestic Violence Victims
After Cancer, Gratitude for Blessings

How Gratitude Turns What We Have in Our Lives into Enough-and More
A Flood of Gratitude for Friends Who Became First Responders: Hardship Brings a Community of Caring and Generosity
Sidebar: Tips for Being Grateful in the Midst of Physical or Emotional Pain
Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare: How Gratitude and Storytelling Helped a Family Preserve and Assist Others
Counting Their Blessings: Best Friends Celebrate Call to Care for Their Mothers
A Serving of Thanks a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Science Substantiates the Health Benefits of Gratitude
Gratitude is Good For Your Health: Expert Advice
Against All Odds: The Healing Power of a Circle of Support
Sidebar: Gratitude as Medicine

The Link between Spirituality and Gratitude: Creating Unexpected Grace and Peace
Adopting Gratitude: Portrait of Hope and a Little Guy Named Xia
Sidebar: The Power of Prayer
Body and Pole: Dancing Her Way to Empowerment
In Her Element: Finding Renewal from Chronic Illness by Immersing Herself in Gratitude
Sidebar: Naikan: The Japanese Philosophy Rooted in Gratitude
A Circle of Friends: Soul Friends Create an Ancient Circle of Belonging

How Gratitude Helps You Discover Your Desires and Achieve Your Dreams
Untie the Dock Lines and Live Your Dreams
The Circle of life: Gratitude Breeds Success; Success Breeds Gratitude
Building a Future through the School of Hard Knocks Inspires Lifelong Career Passion
Sidebar: Falling Asleep, Gratefully

Finding Gratitude in the Everyday
Twin Blessings: Gratitude Leads to Peace, Which Leads to Fulfilment
Sidebar: Cultivating Gratitude, for You
Wired for Happiness: Applications to Increase Your Gratitude Quotient
Random Acts of Pizza: Deliveries of Hope to a Young Cancer Patient

The Secret to a Gratitude Makeover: How to Create Gratitude Practices That Stick
Sidebar: Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious Thank You Letters
Trains, Postcards and Cyberspace-One Woman Launches “The Gratitude Project: Dare to Be Grateful”
Getting to the Soul of Gratitude Practice
Sidebar: On That Note: Write a Thank-You Card
Helping Hand: Blessing Bags for the Homeless
Honoring the Simple Moments of Gratitude
With Strings Attached: Wear Your Gratitude with a Blessing Bracelet
Sidebar: How to Bring More Gratitude into your Life
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