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Saying grace at mealtimes is a time-honored tradition for many families and a newfound source of spiritual connection for others. Whether you are a master at giving the blessing or fairly new at this sacred art, Graces will bring inspiration to your meals and special gatherings.

Seeing the need for such inspiration at her family's table, June Cotner compiled a notebook of poems, prayers, and songs that she solicited from friends, poets, family members, and ministers. She has turned her family's well-worn notebook into this elegantly packaged edition, which will complement your finest table setting.

Arranged by thirteen themes, this beautiful giftbook contains 133 poems, prayers, songs, invocations, and salutations that span the centuries and draw from many traditions. Includes work by Robert Browning, Walt Whitman, Starhawk, Chief Seattle, Helen Keller, Kahlil Gibran, Saint Francis of Assisi and Albert Schweitzer. From prayers at mealtime and special holiday graces to a Gaelic Blessing, or an ancient Chinese Prayer, Graces offers fitting words for every occasion.

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1 For Any Gathering
Morning Grace
Sanskrit Salutation to the Dawn
Grace As Breakfast
Grace For Dieting
An Early Saint’s Prayer
Prayer For Our Home
Family Prayer
A Highlander’s Blessing
The 23rd Psalm Revisited
We Close Our Eyes
Mountain Lullaby
A Group Grace
I Thank Thee

2 Seasonal Graces
Psalm of Praise
A Spring Crocus: For the Children of AIDS
A Summer Grace
The Island, This Season
Winter Vision
December Blessing
Litany for Lights

3 For Holidays
A Gaelic Blessing for Saint Patrick’s Day
Easter Invocation
Easter Song
Easter Meal Grace
For Mother’s Day
Memorial Day Picnic Grace
For Father’s Day (Little Man)
Grandparents’ Day
Halloween Grace
Thanksgiving Day Prayer
Thanksgiving Blessing
Thanksgiving Grace
Chanukuh Message
Chanukuh Lights
Christmas Eve Dinner
Credo at Christmas
Christmas Come
Christmas Prayer
A New Year’s Eve Prayer
A New Year

4 For Family Gatherings
A Wedding Toast
The Eve of a Wedding
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Grace
The Wedding Feast
For a Wedding or Anniversary
Wedding Anniversary Grace
An Anniversary Celebration
New Baby
Milestone Birthday Grace
I Wonder If God Has a Birthday
For Our Children
For a Family Reunion
Northwest Indian Memorial on Death
The Circle of Life
On Sorrow
The Toast
For Friends and Family

5 Native American Graces
Chief Seattle
Native American Prayer
Sioux Indian Saying

6 Traditional Graces
Breakfast Prayer
We Thank Thee
Thank You, God, for Everything
God Is Great
A Traditional Blessing
The Lord’s Prayer the 23rd Psalm

7 For Children
A Child’s Grace
A Breakfast Grace
Bless with Tenderness
Thank You for the Sun
Prayer from England
Our Thanks
All Things Bright and Beautiful
A Child’s Prayer
God in His Heaven

8 For The Earth
Inuit Song
Prayer Based on Psalm 19
Call of the Wild
God’s Handiwork
Teach Us
Garden Credo
The Refuge of the Glen
Thanks to the Sun

9 Mutual Graces
His Sheep Am I
Morning Has Broken
Canticle of Brother Sun
Scottish Grace
‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple
Turn! Turn! Turn!
10 Short Graces
Live Each Day
Bless Our Hearts
Earth and Sky
With a Wineglass
Lift the Veil
Always with You
Within Us
I Believe
Remembering our Gift
Your Gift

11 From Around The World
English Prayer
German Prayer
An Irish Blessing
The Saint Francis Prayer
Prayer from the Netherlands
Japanese Prayer
Ancient Chinese Prayer

12 For Peace and Justice
A peace Prayer
Sonnet to Freedom: A World’s Prayer
Final Prayer for New Genesis
13 For Contemplation
God’s Law
For Those Who Live Alone
Slow Me Down, Lord!
It Was Said with Such Authority
This Is Life
This Is It

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