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Published Date: 04/01/2007
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If every board member of every nonprofit organization across America read this book, it's no exaggeration to say that millions upon millions of additional dollars would be raised.

How could it be otherwise when, after spending just one hour with this gem, board members everywhere would understand virtually everything they need to know about raising major gifts. Not more, not less. Just exactly what they need to do to be successful.

In his bestselling book, Fund Raising Realities Every Board Member Must Face: A 1-Hour Crash Course on Raising Major Gifts for Nonprofit Organizations, David Lansdowne has distilled the essence of major gifts fundraising, put it in the context of 47 "realities," and delivered it in unfailingly clear prose.

Nothing about this book will intimidate board members. It is brief, concise, easy to read, and free of all jargon. Further, it's a work that motivates, showing as it does just how doable raising big money is.

The appeal of Fund Raising Realities is that Lansdowne addresses every important principle and technique of fund raising, and explains them in a succinct way board members will grasp immediately.

In other words, Fund Raising Realities puts everyone on a level playing field - board member with board member, and board member with staff.

Put this book in your board's hands, put it in your board orientation packet, put it anywhere you need the successful practice of fundraising masterfully illuminated.

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Foreword by Jerold Panas

1 In Close Company
2 The Mission Must be Defined
3 The Buck Starts Here
4 Most Everyone Dislikes Asking
5 Be Ready or Regroup
6 Money Costs Money
7 Make Your Case
8 Individuals are the Target
9 A Few Contribute the Most
10 Think in Thirds
11 Interviews are Revealing
12 Consultants Will and Won’t
13 No Goal, No Objective
14 Calling All Recruits
15 Those Who Set the Goal, Set Their Sights
16 Publicity is No Substitute
17 Special Events Can Be Double-Edged
18 Forego the Fancy
19 Wealth Alone Doesn’t Determine
20 That You Need, Won’t Inspire
21 Come a Little Closer
22 What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You
23 Who Leads, Influences Who Gives
24 Time Commands
25 Stay on Top or Go Under
26 Training Begets Bigger Gifts
27 The Secret to Success
28 Those Who Ask Must First Give
29 Not All Donors are Equal
30 Each According to His Means
31 Big Before Little
32 Teams Work
33 Overloaded Solicitors Underproduce
34 Make a Match
35 More Alike than Not
36 No Apology Needed
37 Work Your Core
38 Get Personal
39 Go Figure
40 Ask or All is Lost
41 I Shall Return, Maybe
42 Gratitude to One and All
43 Your Donor is Waiting
44 An Evaluation
One Last Thought
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