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The 2013 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.
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ISBN: 9781558966949
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Publisher: Skinner House Books
Published Date: 02/20/2013
Pages: 72
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Falling Into the Sky is full of open spaces and possibility. Comprised of forty remarkable writings from Unitarian Universalist ministers, leaders, and lay people, these meditations are full of vivid vistas of imagination and reflection.

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Falling into the Sky by David Breeden

Joy by Terri Pahucki

More Than a Cup of Soup by Kathleen McTigue

Out of Season by Judith Campbell

The Redwood by Jeanne Foster

April Morning Worship by Anita Farber-Robertson

Ascension by Marti Keller

Black Ants by Fiona Heath

Plotting on Rural Route One by Marti Keller

Silence in the Prayer Circle by Karen Lewis Foley

Carried Up to Bed by Elizabeth Lerner Maclay

For a Sweet Minute by Joan McIntosh

Beyond Borders by Rick Hoyt

Morning Meditation by Karen Lewis Foley

Within the Light by Jean M. Olson

Spirit of the Falls by Allison C. Gammons

Baruch Atah Illinois by Robin Landerman Zucker

Materializing by Jean M. Olson

With Eyes That See by Marta I. Valentín

A Prayer for Unfinished Business by Kelly Weisman and Asprooth-Jackson

Gaia by Jezibell Anat

Meditations 1 and 2 by Shuma Chakravarty

Sinful by Bob McKetchnie

Garden Zen by Kenneth Collier

God’s Name by David Breeden

With What Knows Who (Genesis 32) by David Breeden

Prayers and Dreamings by Becky Edmiston-Lange

Two Lovers by John Corrado

Autumn by Ann Willever

Meditation on Opposites by Alex Kapitan

Magical Thinking by Colin Bossen

November by Judith Campbell

A Calm, Clear Place by Jezibell Anat

God Has No Borders by Rod Richards

Prayer by Marta I. Valentín

Glory Transformed by Kathleen McTigue

Preparing for a Hike by John Mercer

What I Know by Kenneth Collier

Hidden in the Heart by Karen Hering

Go Boldly by Jean M. Olson

My Mother the Sculptor by Joan McIntosh

The Deer by Kenneth Collier

Benediction by Colin Bossen

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