This multifaceted collection is not meant to sway nonbelievers nor to champion those of faith; it is a refreshing reminder that we are free to choose our own path.—Library Journal

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Delve into this thought-provoking collection of personal essays from award-winning and bestselling authors who explore the perennial question: What do I believe?

Whether believer, skeptic, agnostic, atheist, or something other, these twenty-four authors share a fascinating, daring, and multifaceted perspective on what faith means (or doesn’t mean). The collection of personal essays includes bestselling authors such as Anne Perry, who writes about a deeply spiritual faith that embraces and sustains her through every step of her life. Caroline Leavitt writes about tarot cards, mediums, and quantum physics to explain her concept of faith. Afghan-American author Tamim Ansary beautifully captures his childhood curiosity amidst his Islamic views. There is the irrepressible Malachy McCourt’s anti-religion rant, and then Pam Houston’s signature wit and sense of irony, which gives the question of faith a surprising twist.

Honest, provocative, and candid, Faith begins a larger conversation and invites the question: What do you believe?

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A Secular Mystic by Tamim Ansary
What Do I Believe by Anne Perry
Love and Insomnia by David Corbett

Choosing by Beverly Donofrio
Ah. Yes. by Amy Ferris
Jesus: A Love Story by Sylvie Simmons
If There Is a God, Why Would S(He) Waste All Her Time making Hell? by Pam Houston

Grace Happens by Barbara Graham
An Itinerary of Faithby Susana Franck
Our Shared Humanity by Frank Dabba Smith

Poof! by Aviva Layton
In Memory of Leon Whiteson Keep the Faith by Christine Kehl O’Hagan
The F-Word by David Misch

Drama, Mystery, and the Episcopal Church by Barbara Abercrombie
Razor-Edged Abyss by Carrie (Caridad) Kabah
My Counter-Culture Spirituality: How Sudden Death, Tarot Cards, and Mediums Led Me to Quantum Physics-and Belief by Caroline Leavitt

Nothing by Benita (Bonnie) Garvin
I’m an Atheist, Thank God! by Malachy McCourt
Faith by Lee Chamberlin

Good, God-Fearing Atheist by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Faith: A personal Journey Mara Purl
Robotic Love by Dianne Rinehart
The Balance by Amanda Enayati

In Closing
About the Contributors

“This is a great anthology—soul-searching and profoundly moving. Faith reaches into the heart of a person's being, be one a believer, an agnostic or an atheist. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I was inspired to consider: What do I believe?” —Sandra Gulland, international bestselling author of the Josephine B. Trilogy and The Shadow Queen

“This collection of touching, honest, outrageous and outraged essays challenges all of us to explore our own personal truths. As we read, even those of us who are ‘non-believers,’ are drawn into conversation with our better selves. That is the gift of this book.” —Suzanne Braun Levine, author of Inventing the Rest of Our Lives

“Must we pray to express our faith?” asks author and editor Zackheim (The Bone Weaver) in the introduction to this collection of essays. “And must faith always be tied to God?” A diverse selection of writers offer an equally diverse set of views on those questions, with responses ranging from comedian David Misch’s argument for reason and responsibility over spirituality, to Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith’s case for interfaith collaboration as a humanitarian alternative to fascism and strife. Despite the wide variety of the writers’ perspectives, some common ideas emerge. Many of the writings, especially those on the loss or rediscovery of faith, concern the difference between faith as it is taught by organized religions and as it is experienced in everyday life; believers and nonbelievers alike caution against the dehumanization that is a consequence of dogmatism. The strongest tests of faith recounted here come in the face of tragedy: incurable illness, brutality, and death leave no recourse but transformative grace, whether human or divine."— Publishers Weekl

"Questions of faith can ignite a conversation or stop it cold, depending on the beliefs of those conversing. Editor Zackheim (author, editor, playwright; The Bone Weaver) opens a Pandora's box when she asks fellow writer friends to answer a question we all consider at some point in life: What do I believe? Twenty-three personal essays later, Zackheim presents a distinct collection that is honest, thought provoking, outrageous, and endearing. Best-selling author Anne Perry expresses her contemplative journey steeped in faith, while the equally prolific Jacquelyn Mitchard apologetically explains why she remains an atheist. Malachy McCourt has no regrets for his disbelief in his self-proclaimed "anti-religion rant," as Dianne Rinehart writes a mini-manifesto against robotic love. This multifaceted collection is not meant to sway nonbelievers nor to champion those of faith; it is a refreshing reminder that we are free to choose our own path. VERDICT Short, accessible essays for readers with an interest in cultural studies, theology, psychology, and personal writings." —Library Journal)

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