This timely book examines crucial Supreme Court cases that were decided by a single vote, and why they matter to teens
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Encourage teens to recognize the importance of voting and making their voices heard in the democratic process with this timely book focused on Supreme Court decisions that came down to a single vote.

Chapters examine key Supreme Court rulings and explore how these cases have affected the lives and rights of U.S. citizens—especially teens. Using a straightforward, impartial tone, the authors take a close look at often controversial cases and at the history of voting in the United States.

The emphasis is involvement in local and national elections as well as other ways to be an engaged citizen.

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Foreword by James D. Sutton, Ed. D

Part I: The Supreme Court, The Law, and The Power of One Vote
The U.S. Supreme Court: What Does It Do and Why Is It Important?
The Election Process
Who Gets to Vote?
A Timeline of Issues Affecting Voting in the United States
Barriers to Voting
Should Voting Be Mandatory?
Should the Voting Age Be Lowered?
Registering to Vote

Part II: 5-4 Supreme Court Cases- How Do They Affect Your Life?
Case 1: Evan Miller v. Alabama Prison Terms for Young People
Case 2: United States v. Antoine Jones Search and Seizure in the Digital Age
Case 3: Camreta v. Greene Accepting or Rejecting a Case for Review
Case 4: Morse v. Joseph Frederick Student Free Speech and Expression
Case 5: McCreary County v. American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Religion in Government Buildings
Case 6: Board of Education v. Lindsay Earls Drug Testing at Schools
Case 7: Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale Freedom of Association
Case 8: Texas v. Gregory Lee Johnson Symbolic Speech
Case 9: Island Trees School District v. Steven Pico Censorship at School
Case 10: Plyer v. Doe Public Education for All
Case 11: Regents of the University of California v. Allan Bakke Affirmative Action
Case 12: Ingraham v. Wright Corporal Punishment
Case 13: Goss v. Dwight Lopez Suspension or Expulsion from School
Case 14: Hazel Palmer v. Thompson Segregation
Case 15: Ernesto Miranda v. Arizona Criminal Rights

Additional Supreme Court 5-4 Decisions
A Final Word
How to Do Legal Research
Glossary of Terms
About the Authors

“This engaging explanation of the importance of every vote prepares teens to cast their ballot in their first election by exploring Supreme Court rulings that were decided by a single vote. The accompanying digital discussion guide can stimulate conversations about current issues.”—Parade

“We are in urgent need of effective civic education, and Every Vote Matters is an excellent contribution that deserves wide readership.”—Rob Richie, executive director, FairVote

“An exceptional in-depth look into the power of voting and Supreme Court rulings. A fantastic addition to any library serving young adults as it offers engaging and thought-provoking information on rulings affecting their everyday lives.”—VOYA

“Clear explanations, relevant supplemental cases, reader-directed questions, and suggested resources help make the legal issues at play relevant and readily accessible . . . A fascinating window into recent U.S. legal history.”—Publishers Weekly

“Exceptionally thorough examination of the voting process. This never loses sight of its target audience: many of the Supreme Court cases addressed have to do with education and juvenile rights, and each chapter ends with a ‘Talk, Think, Take Action’ section that encourages teen readers to relate the cases back to their own lives and discuss the effects of each.”—Booklist

“A nice look at how much our votes can matter and the intersection between the voting participation of ordinary people and Supreme Court decisions.”—Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen

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