More than 40 stories from 30 cultures that touch upon ecological themes
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Our relationship to the natural world is at the heart of the single largest problem we face today. We have a choice: hurt the earth and we hurt ourselves; care for the earth and we reap its bounty. People from ancient times have always known this and have expressed it in their traditional stories. Here are more than 40 stories from 30 cultures that touch upon ecological themes: Caring for the Land, Caring for Other Creatures, All Things Are Connected, No Thing is Without Value, and Planning for the Future. Accompanied by generous story notes, source information, and suggestions for further reading.

Ages 5-9

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Caring for Our Land
Three Green Ladies
A Folktale From Derbyshire, England
Treasure in the Vineyard
A Fable by Aesop
The Farmer and His Crops
A Hmong Fable

Caring for Our Forests
Beast and Tree
Inspired by A Fable by James Dillet Freeman
Who Is King of the World?
A Fable by James Dillet Freeman
Mikku and the Trees
A Folktale from Estonia
Hold Tight and Stick Tight
A Folktale from Japan
Spider and the Palm-Nut Tree
A Dan Folktale from Liberia

Caring for Our Wetlands
The Tiddy Mun
A Folk Legend From England
The New Lake
A Folktale from China
Fox Rules the Streams
A Folktale From Thailand
Papa God’s Well
A Folktale From Haiti

Caring for Our Creatures
Two Women Hunt for Ground Squirrels
A Tananina Athabaskan Tale
Gluskabe Traps the Animals
A Penobscot Legend
The Mountain Goats of Temlahan
A Tsimshian Tale
The Alligator and the Hunter
A Choctaw Tale
the Curupira
a Folktale From Brazil

All Things Are Connected
The Mosquito Extermination Project
A Folktale from India
Gecko Cannot Sleep
A Folktale From Bali
The Golden Plow
A Folktale From Romania
Botany in the Rain Forest
A Poem by Liza Hobbs

Our Place In Earth’s Sacred Space
Finding the Center
An Ojibway Legend
Avvaiyar’s Rest
A Legend From Tamil, Nadu, South India
Hidden Divinity
A Legend From India

No Thing Is Without Value
The Tailor’s Jacket
A Jewish Folktale
Love the Weeds
A Folktale From Iran
The Useless Tree
An Anecdote From China

The Folly of Human Greed
Too Much Sky
A Bini Folktale From Nigeria
Just a Little More
A Folktale From Portugal
The Origin of Puget Sound and the Cascade Range
A Quinault-Chehalis-Cowlitz Tale

Pollution Returns to the Polluter
Sharing the Wine
A Folktale from China
Don’t Throw Stones from “Not Yours” to “Yours”
A Jewish Folktale

Planning for the Future
The Tamarind Tree
A Folktale From Thailand
Emptying the Granary
A European Folktale
Planting for the Next Generation
A Folktale from Turkey
The Past and the Future
A Mbaka Folktale From Angola

The Wisdom of the Elders
Plowing up the Road
A Folktale from Romania
In Your Hands
A Folktale From India

Many Voices Bring Results
Frog and Locust
A Pueblo Tale

One Person’s Dream Can Make a Difference
The Magic Garden of the Poor
A Kazakh Folktale

The End of the Owls
A Poem By Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Tale Collections with Ecological Themes
More Ecological Tales to Tell or Read Aloud
Proverb Sources
Tale Notes
Cultural and Geographic Index
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