Selections from inSpirit titles. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.
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Published Date: 06/01/2001
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Prose and poetry selections from inSpirit titles, previously known as meditation manuals, published since 1961 Unitarian and Universalist consolidation. An eloquent reminder of the UU tradition of inspirational writing by ministers and laity. Hardcover with ribbon.

Both the Unitarians and the Universalists brought to their merger a long tradition of publishing meditation manuals. This collection, gathered from the more than 1,700 meditations published since the merger, was created with a specific audience in mind: a reader looking for comfort and challenge, perhaps not a Unitarian Universalist but someone open to our values and our theology. For that reason the selections are not about Unitarian Universalism but of it. Each is by a Unitarian Universalist; each, I think, captures something important embedded in our tradition.

—from the Preface

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Beat of Life

Beat of Life  Arthur Graham

The Need to be Silent  Robert T. Weston

More Than We Deserve  Robert R. Walsh

Picking Blackberries  Lynn Ungar

The Teaching Bean  Elizabeth Tarboz

Morning  Clinton Lee Scott

Song  Carl Seaburg

Shaky Skaters  Jane Ranney Rzepka

Waitressing In The Sacred Kitchens  Meg Barnhouse

The Unexpected Stairway  Barbara Rohde

Boundless  Wili Barbour

Summer's End  Anthony Friess Perrino

Like Singing In The Bathtub  Bruce T. Marshall

Dog Days  Gary A. Kowalski

The Shirk Ethic  Richard S. Gilbert

Patience and Silence  Charles A. Gaines

More Human Than Otherwise

We Are All More Human Than Otherwise  Richard S. Gilbert

Relection  Paul N. Carnes

If Love Be There  Robert T. Weston

Words  Elizabeth Tarbox

A Litany of Restoration  Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley

A Friendly Ice-Cream Baby  David O. Rankin

sufficiency  Elizabeth Tarbox

Some Wishes For You  Charles S. Stephen, Jr.

For My Friends Who Are Wounded  Barbara Rohde

The Boy Was Young  Rudolph W. Nemser

Contact  Gordon B. McKeeman

The Blessings of Age  Barbara Rohde

Prayers For Those Gathered in Worship  Barbara Pescan

Ought To  J. Donald Johnston

When My Anger's Over  Raymond John Baughan

Prayer in Action  Jane Ellen Mauldin

Traditional Marriage  Meg Barnhouse

Speech Stammers to Tell  Raymond John Baughan

Fault Line

Fault Line  Robert T. Walsh

En Route to Death  Robert T. Weston

The Legacy of Caring  Thandeka

Thanks To The Friendly, Familiar  Elizabeth Tarbox

Autumn Speaks  Robert T. Weston

Esential Wisdom  Charles S. Stephen, Jr.

Legacy  Elizabeth Tarbox

The Idiocy of Flight  Jane Ranney Rzepka

Heaven In A Wildflower  David O. Rankin

Comfort Ye My People  Barara Rohde

She Speaks of Death  Barbara Pescan

A Time To Cry  David O. Rankin

The Cost  Dorothy N. Monroe

Let Me Die Laughing  Mark Morrison-Reed

Because We Mean It  Robert Marshall

It Touches Us

I Say It Touches Us  Marni P. Harmony

The Web of Life  Robert T. Weston

You Be Glad At ThaT Star  Clarke Wells

A Baptism  Robert R. Walsh

O Mystery!  Robert T. Weston

Preface  Elizabeth Tarbox

Prayer  J. David Scheyer

Emergent Life  Robert T. Weston

A Trilobite Poet  Elizabeth Tarbox

For Humility  Paul N. Carnes

The Restlessness of Thought  Robert T. Weston

Silence  Clinton Lee Scott

As We Spoke  Rudolph W. Nemser

Perseids  Gary A. Kowalski

A Common Destiny  David H. Eaton

The Growing Season  Sara Moores Campbell

Gratitude  Max A. Kapp

It Matters

It Matters  Robert R. Walsh

Circles of Self-Encapsulation  Richard A. Kellaway

To Outgrow The Past  William Laurence Sullivan

Transcending Boundaries  Yvonne Seon

Prophets  Clinton Lee Scott

The Glove In The Subway  Jane Ranney Rzepka

Incarnation  David O. Rankin

On The Art Of Writing  Charles White McGehee

Dark and Light, Light and Dark  Jacqui James

Anxiety  Arthur Graham

This Day Is Mine  Raymond John Baughan

I Do Not Pray  James Madison Barr

Each Of Us Is An Artist  Arthur Graham

Gentleness in Living  Richard S. Gilbert

Meditation on the World  Paul N. Carnes

All This Talk Of Saving Souls  Linda M. Underwood

The Magician  Clake Wells

Take Time To Listen  Robert T. Weston

Day of Promise

Day of Promise  Robert T. Weston

New Year For Trees  Greta W. Crosby

Palm Sunday  Jane Ranney Rzepa

Prayer at Easter  Clarke Wells

In Spring  George C. Whitney

Arbor Day  Gary A. Kowalski

Mother's Day  Elizabeth Tarbox

Give Thanks  Libbie Stoddard

When Giving Thanks Comes Hard  Robert Mabry Doss

Autumnal Invitation  Elizabeth Tarbox

Important Notice  Jane Ramney Rzepka

All I Want For Christmas  David S. Blanchard

In Our Practiced Pessimisn  Paul N. Carnes

All this talk of saving souls.

Souls weren’t made to save,

like Sunday clothes that

give out at the seams.

They’re made for wear; they

come with lifetime guarantees.

Don’t save your soul.

Pour it out like rain on

cracked, parched earth.

Give your soul away, or

pass it like a candle flame.

Sing it out, or

laugh it up the wind.

— Linda M. Underwood,

All this Talk of Saving Souls

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