Product Code: 1011
ISBN: 9780807020050
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon
Published Date: 10/01/1997
Pages: 273
Price: $25.00
Landmark study reveals how we become committed to the common good and sustain our commitments in a changing world. See the free online study guide.
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1.Connection and Complexity
The Challenge of the New Commons
2. Community
Becoming at Home in the World
3. Compassion
Living Within and Beyond Tribe
4. Conviction
Developing Critical Habits of Mind
5. Courage
A Responsible Imagination
6. Confession
The Struggle with Fallibility
7. Commitment
The Power of the Double Negative
Compass Points: The Power of Location and Direction

Appendix Notes Index
“A perceptive, groundbreaking analysis of inspired lives. . . . This is a guidebook for the soul.” —Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence
“A truly refreshing book! In a day when the political and spiritual air has grown stale with cynicism, discouragement, and indirection, this beautifully written, penetrating study could not be more welcome or valuable. No teacher, parent, or civic leader who cares about nurturing social commitment can fail to be informed and inspired by this remarkable and surprisingly practical book.” —Robert Kegan, author of In Over Our Heads
“Eloquent and profound, Common Fire addresses what Americans everywhere long for: a sense of the common good, an emphasis on community and compassion in everyday life, a values-based politics in the public sphere. A compelling, encouraging work.” —Jim Wallis, author of The Soul of Politics
“A profound exposition and penetrating commentary on some of life’s most important issues.” —Clarence G. Newsome, dean, Howard Divinity School
“A compelling portrait of people who choose to make a difference and thus inspire us all.” —Rosabeth Moss Kanter, author of World Class: Thriving Locally in the Global Economy
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