This book will help embolden you to ask for money with skill, finesse, and powerful results
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ISBN: 9781889102498
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Emerson and Church Publishers
Pages: 108
Published Date: 02/02/2009
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We all know that asking for money ranks right up there with public speaking. Nearly all of us fear it, and yet it is critical to our success. This book will help embolden you to ask with skill, finesse, and powerful results.

Author Jerold Panas, who as a staff person, board member, and volunteer has secured gifts ranging from $50 to $50 million, understands the art of asking perhaps better than anyone in America.

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1 The Joy of Asking!
2 Thanks for Being a Friend
3 You’re Never a Loser Until You Quit Trying
4 You Won’t Get Milk from a Cow by Sending a Letter
5 Enthusiasm Is Contagious, Start an Epidemic
6 Enlightened Givers Feel the Rapture of Being Alive
7 It’s Easier to Get the Gift than the Visit
8 Successful People Do What Others Never Get Around to
9 The Secrets of Success Don’t Work Unless You Do
10 No One Ever Listened Himself Out of a Gift
11 Donors Give to the Magic of an Idea
12 The Archer Strikes the Target, Partly by Pulling, Partly by Letting Go
13 You’ll Never Know if You Don’t Ask
14 Consistent Hard Work id the Yeast that Raises the Dough
15 A Successful Fundraiser Shoots at a Target No One Else Sees, and Hits It
16 Some Aim At Nothing and Hit it with Remarkable Precision
17 The Line Between Success and Failure: ‘I Didn’t Make My Own Gift First’
18 Triumph is Just “Umph” Added to Try
19 An Obstacle is What You See When You Take Your Eyes Off the Objective
20 Objections Aren’t Bitter If You Don’t Swallow Them
21 Great Opportunity Stands Beside You, in the Form of Objections
22 A Desk is a Dangerous Place to Raise Money From
23 It’s Amazing What You Don’t Raise When You Don’t Ask
24 You Don’t Have to be great to Start, but You Have to Start to be Great
25 In All You Do, Act as if It’s Impossible to Fail
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