Book 5 in the Olympia Brown series
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ISBN: 9780988781658
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mainly Murder
Published Date: 05/01/2013
Pages: 250
Size: 8 x 5
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When the female minister and a young mother, both members of same church, disappear without warning, Olympia Brown is called to help. She soon suspects a connection between the missing women and the charismatic pastor from another church. With investigative assistance from her best friend, Father Jim, and support from her beloved Frederick, Olympia discovers the man has a long and well-concealed history of sexual misconduct. When he turns his attentions toward Olympia, she knows the only way to stop this insidious predator will be to catch him in the act, which could have deadly consequences for her.
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Chapter 1

Search for Doctor’s wife and children continue as concerns for their safety grow. The whereabouts of Yolanda Emerson Nikitas and her two children remains a mystery since they vanished on Thursday of last week. Concern for her whereabouts began when Mrs. Nikitas, the estranged wife of Doctor Nicholas Nikitas, a family practitioner in the community, failed to show up at the home of her mother. Mrs. Nikitas was planning to leave the children with her mother for the afternoon on the day of her disappearance, but the three never arrived. Her abandoned car was discovered the next day in a commuter rail parking lot. Police are exploring all possibilities as the investigation continues, but for now they are treating it as a missing persons situation and not a kidnapping. Anyone having information regarding this incident is asked to call Millbridge Police Department or the anonymous information hotline listed in the town directory.

Detective Inspector Steve Vages handed the folded newspaper across the desk to Officer Ginny Simon.

“It’s not even been a week, and they’ve already demoted the story to page three.”

“It’s a disappearance, Steve. Unless there’s a dead body or a suicide note or a paper trail to some romantic hideaway on a tropical island, it’s hard to know exactly where to start looking or to know what we’re looking for. We’ve followed protocol to the letter, and we’ve come up with a big fat nothing.

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