Book 1 in the Olympia Brown series.
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ISBN: 9780982589953
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mainly Murder
Published Date: 07/15/2010
Pages: 300
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When professor and college chaplain Olympia Brown discovers that one of her freshman is being recruited by a shadowy religious cult, she and a priest colleague join forces to infiltrate the group and rescue the girl before she becomes another victim of their deadly mission.

A menacing tangle of religious hypocrisy and the dark side of human nature reveals itself as Olympia and Jim risk their lives to uncover murder, illicit sex and embezzlement. Assisted by Olympia’s house-ghost, the spectral Miss Winslow, they race the clock to expose the cult’s bloody underbelly before they kill again.

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“This is a collect call from Bethany Ruth McAllister, will you accept charges?

“Oh, my God—yes!” Olympia waved her arms frantically and pointed at Frederick to pick up the extension. “Are you all right? Where are you?”

“Professor Brown? You don’t know me. I live at the Fellowship Center with Bethany Ruth. My name is Sarah—we’re in danger and I need your help.”

“Olympia was instantly on guard. “Who are you? I told you people I wasn’t going to have any more contact with her. What do you want?”

“I know what you must be thinking, but please, hear me out, and then decide.”

“I’m listening,” Olympia was tapping her foot and wishing she were recording the call.

Sarah took a deep breath “I’m a member of the Fellowship and I’m getting out …and I want to take Bethany Ruth with me. She trusts you. She helped me find your number—may I continue?”

“How do I know this isn’t another attempt to scare me off?” Olympia was trying to remain calm, but began pacing around the big old kitchen—the wide planks of the floor creaking beneath her feet..

“You don’t know,” said Sarah, “I can only beg you to listen and then decide for yourself. You’re the only person who might believe me and be willing to help.”

Olympia couldn’t see Sarah’s trembling hands or the tears of relief that were squeezing themselves out of her eyes and freezing on her eyelashes. But she could hear the quaver of desperation in the young woman’s voice.

“I’m going to have my friend, Frederick, listen on the extension—and if you are who you say you are, he’ll be helping me, and if not, I have a witness.”

“That’s fine…anything,” begged Sarah. “I’ve uncovered some ugly information about this operation and I plan to go public with everything if I can get away. I’m in a pay phone in Cambridge, so I can talk, but not for long.”

“I’m listening,” said Olympia.

“When I get out, I’ll have names and places, even offshore bank account numbers. Do you believe me now? This organization is totally evil, Professor, it’s all about money and power. I have proof.”

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