Michael's Notes

Michael's Notes

Welcome to inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop. Normal in-person browsing hours at 24 Farnsworth Street in Boston are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10-4. We hope you'll drop by for a visit.

Check out these current and forthcoming titles from Beacon Press and Skinner House Books . . .

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg's On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World, the UUA's 2023/2024 Common Read, fixes a crucial new lens on repentance, atonement, forgiveness, and repair from harm—from personal transgressions to our culture’s most painful and unresolved issues. 

No Meat Required: The Cultural History and Culinary Future of Plant-Based Eating, by Alicia Kennedy, is a history of plant-based eating in the U.S. that delves into the subcultures and politics that have defined alternative food. 

The Tending Years: Understanding Your Child's Earliest Rituals, by J.L. Shattuck, is unlike most
 parenting books, which ask you to change the way you interact with your child. This easy-to-read volume details the ways in which you’re already tending to your child’s needs and offers inspiration and support to help you through the preschool years and beyond. 

In A Fire at the Center: Solidarity, Whiteness, and Becoming a Water Protector, North Dakota UU Minister and activist Karen Van Fossan asked herself what it means, as a descendent of colonialism, to resist her own colonial culture. (10/3 - pre-order now)

And Through the Lens of Whiteness: Challenging Racialized Imagery in Pop Culture, by Diane S. Grimes & Liz Cooney, is an essential resource for anyone who wants to enter the next stage of their antiracist journey—recognizing, analyzing, and confronting the perpetuation of racism in our visual world. (10/31 - pre-order now)

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Michael Colyott, Bookstore Manager

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