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The Home We Share - Globalization, Post-Modernism and Unitarian / Universalist Theology

The Home We Share: Globalization, Post-Modernism and Unitarian / Universalist Theology

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Product Code: 6228
ISBN: 9780972313421
Publisher: International Council of Unitarian and Universalists
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Pages: 424
Binding Information: Paperback 


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Proceedings of the Second Theological Symposium of the International Council of Unitarian and Universalists.

Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists from six continents gathered in Kolozavar 3-8 July 2006 to consider how our theology and and liturgy could respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization and post-modernism. Pressing ethical issues of global justice, equity and environmental stewardship touch all of our lives. Unitarian / Universalist ideas about radical intellectual freedom and challenge to rigid orthodoxies pose uncomfortable questions about our own liberal religious assumptions and certainties, but we affirmed the unity of all existence ans commited to religious freedom, diversity, social justice and covenantal relationships. -- From the back cover.


Presenters were Árpád Szabó and Botond Koppandi (Romania), Derek McCullough (New Zealand), Helpme Mohrmen (India), Jaroslava Dittrichová (Czech Republic), Jaume de Marcos Andreu (Spain), Alan Ruston and Richard Boeke (UK), Olga Flores (Bolivia), Fulgence Ndagijiama (Burundi), Aryanto Nugroho (Indonesia), John Buehrens, Paul Rasor and Dennis McCarty (USA).

Panel presentations were given by Kathy Sage (Canada), Gordon Oliver (South Africa), Maria Pap and Kinga Reka Szeleky (Romania), Cliff Reed (UK), and John Buehrens (USA). Other worship leaders included Jozsef Kaszoni (Hungary), Dawn Buckle and Ann Peart (UK), Katie Stein-Sather and Phillip Hewett (Canada), Bela Botond Jakabhazi (Romania), and Ron Hersom (USA). Wrap-up session by Paul Rasor and Jill McAllister (USA) closed the Symposium.


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