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Racovia - An Early Liberal Religious Community

Racovia: An Early Liberal Religious Community

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Product Code: 6206
ISBN: 9780972501750
Publisher: Blackstone Editions
Publication Date: 
Pages: 90
Binding Information: Paperback 


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Paperback $15.00


Founded as a utopian community in 1569, by the next century the little Polish town of RakÛw (Racovia) became "the Unitarian capital of Europe." Its academy attracted scholars and students from all over the continent. Leading thinkers of the time also published hundreds of books in Racovia, among them the Racovian Catechism of 1605, which is still in print today. Though the Racovian experiment eventually fell victim to the forces of religious repression, the influences from this little community come to life in this comprehensive book.

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