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Wrestling with Adulthood - Unitarian Universalist Men Talk About Growing Up

Wrestling with Adulthood: Unitarian Universalist Men Talk About Growing Up

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Product Code: 4725
ISBN: 9781558965348
Publisher: Skinner House
Publication Date: 
Pages: 128
Size: 5 X 7
Binding Information: Paperback 


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Ken Beldon, James Coomes, Erik Kesting, Joseph Santos-Lyons, Anthony David, Kent Matthies, Forrest Gilmore, Greg Pelley, Nathan Ryan, Scott Gerard Prinster and Manish K. Mishra talk openly about their own experiences becoming adults-relationships with parents, children, and spouses and partners, as well as the search for a calling. What unites these stories is their authors' commitment to justice, love, compassion and the kind of self-understanding and wisdom it takes to make yourself a better person. Here are young Unitarian Universalist men boldly and honestly exploring the challenges they faced while growing up and the choices they made.


Table Of Contents:

Foreword by Neil Chethik
Introduction by Ken Beldon
Younger Than That Now Ken Beldon
Caught in the Whirlwind James Coomes
The Larger World Erik Kesting
Being the Change I Want to See Joseph Santos-Lyons
Wrestling Matches Anthony David
Receiving Grace Kent Matthies
Longing for Adulthood Forrest Gilmore
A Path Diverted Greg Pelley
Getting Ready for the Real World Nathan Ryan
The Ties That Bind Scott Gerard Prinster
The Call of Self Manish K. Mishra
Discussion Questions


"Ken Beldon and the fine crew he has assembled here prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that liberating our inner adult beats the daylights out of coddling our inner child."
-Forrest Church, author, So Help Me God, and minister of public theology, Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City

"As a seasoned veteran of 35 years in the men's movement in our Unitarian Universalist ranks, I was heartened by the gutsy and transformative stories of my younger brothers captured in this splendid volume. We're all blessed to be turning over the globe to these maturing men and their supportive sisters."
-Tom Owen-Towle, author of Brother-Spirit and Save the Males

"What makes this collection so valuable? Most of all, it's the honesty. These are not the puff-chested boasts of macho men, nor the whining of the defeated. They are, rather, a well-kneaded blend of troubles and triumphs, directly from men who have experienced both."
-Neil Chethik, author, VoiceMale

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