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We Pledge Our Hearts - A Treasury of Poems, Quotations and Readings to Celebrate Love and Marriage

We Pledge Our Hearts: A Treasury of Poems, Quotations and Readings to Celebrate Love and Marriage

Product Attributes:

Product Code: 7273
ISBN: 9781558965034
Publisher: Skinner House
Publication Date: 
Pages: 208
Size: 5.5 X 6.5
Binding Information: Paperback 


Availability: In Stock
Paperback $15.00


Over 200 diverse poems, refLections and meditations on love, marriage and commitment. Includes UU contributors plus selections from different cultures and faith traditions, ancient and modern. Enduring collection ideal for worship and personal use. An excellent resource for ministers, and a perfect gift for couples of all ages.

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Review   Booklist - December 15, 2006
“Written in spare, unsentimental prose, Without a Map is stunning; Meredy’s reunion with her grown son (who was raised in poverty with an abusive father) is the highlight. Book groups, take note.”
Review   Kirkus, starred review - January 1, 2007
“An unusually powerful coming-of-age memoir… Searching, humble and quietly triumphant: Hall has managed to avoid all the easy clichés.”
Review By: Francine Prose,   O Magazine - April 1, 2007
“Nostalgic for the good old days of Norman Rockwell America? Without a Map may forever change the way you look at small-town life. Meredith Hall’s memoir is a sobering portrayal of how punitive her close-knit New Hampshire community was in 1965 when, at the age of 16, she became pregnant in the course of a casual summer romance…Hall offers a testament to the importance of understanding and even forgiving the people who, however unconscious or unkind, have made us who we are.”
Review   more.com - March 27, 2007
“a compelling, painful, hopeful story.”Read Full Review
Review   gettrio.com - March 21, 2007
“Think for a moment of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, of banishment, reconciliation, redemption, and you’ll get the scope of Without a Map, the new memoir by Meredith Hall . . . An extraordinary tale, made all the more moving by Hall’s unsentimental prose and ample heart.”Read Full Review
Review By: Caroline Leavitt,   People (4 Stars) - April 23, 2007
"In 1965, Meredith Hall was just another young girl who got pregnant at 16. Think you know the whole story? Guess again, because Hall colors outside the lines with this memoir, full of unexpected twists and turns...Hall eloquently tells the story of her rebirth... Achingly sad, this is a stunning exploration of the mystery of 'love and all its failings...and its final redemptions.' A haunting meditation on love, loss and family."
Review By: Alanna Nash,   Entertainment Weekly - April 1, 2007
"Hall emerges as a brave writer of tumultuous beauty."
Review By: Rebecca Rule,   Nashua Telegraph - April 15, 2007
“Hall, a brave and graceful writer who teaches at UNH, examines her life with wide open eyes and an equally open heart. Even as she wrestles with the grief of many losses—her child, her parents’ love and respect, her standing in her community, her identity—she demonstrates the writer’s gift of separating from her own experiences, establishing an objectivity that allows her to make meaning for herself and readers.”

Review   LA Times - April 15, 2007
"A modern-day Scarlet Letter."
Review By: Robert Braile,   Boston Globe - April 25, 2007
“As told in this poignant, unflinchingly assured memoir, the arc of Hall's life after giving up her newborn son for adoption in 1966 was anything but traditional…Hall tells of that trek with journalistic dispassion, stripping it of self-indulgence and thus enhancing its honesty…As she writes, there is not a whisper of self-pity or self-aggrandizement, so often the banes of memoir….Hall does find a semblance of peace in her life, one rooted in nature, a theme that resonates throughout this exquisite memoir.” Read Full Review
Review By: Jan Gardner,   Boston Globe - April 29, 2007
“A lyrical, acutely observed memoir.”
Review   INtake Weekly - April 30, 2007
“Hall's life, as depicted in this memoir, was nothing if not two things—difficult and fascinating. With no family, friends or other support system, she took her life into her own hands at an early, tender age, and she fell quite far before finally rising up. The reader gets the benefit of her trials, a gritty view of the world from America to Europe to the Middle East.”
Review By: Wendy Smith,   AARP The Magazine - May 1, 2007
“Hall’s sensitive, honest account of her personal odyssey shows one remarkable woman transcending this trauma to become a better, stronger person.”
Review By: Liz Bulkley,   Host of “The Front Porch,” NH Public Radio - May 4, 2007
Without a Map tells a stunning story of exile and ostracization. Meredith grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire and became pregnant at age 16, in 1965. Her memoir is a rare and clear glimpse into the social mores of the mid 60's, and reveals the state of shame many families faced when an unmarried daughter became pregnant.”
Review By: Mike Pride,   Concord Monitor - May 13, 2007
“[Without a Map] is a searing memoir about loss, betrayal, love and, in some measure, reconciliation. It has already brought Hall a celebrity that surprises her: stories in People, Oprah and Elle, an interview on National Public Radio, brisk sales in a crowded marketplace. It is on the extended New York Times bestseller list. What is arresting about this memoir is the world it reveals.”

Review By: Jennifer DeCamp,   St. Petersburg Times - May 13, 2007
Without a Map offers an honest, unflinching glimpse into motherhood. There's Hall in her teens, trying to understand why the strong bond between her and her unborn child exists after his birth and disappearance from her life. There's Hall in her 20s, yearning for her mother to explain why she would abandon her daughter when she needed her most. And then, there's Hall in her 30s, standing on the porch to finally welcome her firstborn to her home…Elegant prose makes Without a Map an evocative, thought-provoking read. But Hall's heartrending candor on love, loss and hope turn this first-time author's book into a one-sided conversation among new friends.”
Review By: Tina Ristau,   The Des Moines Register - June 10, 2007
Without a Map, is so well written that it was hard for me to accept that the book had to end.”
Review By: Frances Lefkowitz,   Body + Soul - June 1, 2007
Without a Map is a devastating story of what happens when a person is exiled from her own life. It speaks of shame, of love betrayed, and of a young woman leaving home to drift alone…Eventually, Hall marries, has two more children, divorces, and then reunites with her firstborn son in a miraculous, though complicated, happy ending.”
Review By: Lola Furber,   Maine Women’s Journal - May 1, 2007
"Painfully honest and beautifully written…Meredith Hall has managed to distill courage from raw pain, and then somehow write this gem of a book about the experience…A stunning book…You must read it.”
Review By: Mary Cotton,   owner of Newtonville Books, in the Newton TAB - July 24, 2007
“Fans of Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle should take note of Meredith Hall’s memoir, heartbreaking and ultimately heartwarming despite its unsentimental prose. As a naïve 16-year-old who finds herself pregnant and kicked out of her home, Hall is then forced to give up her child for adoption. Years later, after a tumultuous life, her first son tracks her down. A moving exploration of love, loss and forgiveness.
Review   AARP website - August 3, 2007
“Wherever you stand on Roe v. Wade, you can’t help but be moved by this memoir of an unwed pregnant teen forced by her parents to give up her baby in 1965. It will make you think AND break your heart.” Read Full Review
Review By: Juliet Wittman,   Washington Post - August 26, 2007
“Each chapter of Without a Map is polished and elegantly written…the structure is shapely and the book yields poignant insights.”

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