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All Are Chosen - Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership

All Are Chosen: Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership

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Product Code: 7301
ISBN: 9781558963603
Publisher: Skinner House
Publication Date: 
Pages: 280
Size: 5 X 7
Binding Information: Paperback 


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More than 20 inspiring narratives by people who believe that the work of the church is the shared responsibility of the minister and the laity. Each story is an in-depth look at the work of ministering to one another.

Table Of Contents:


Learning to Serve   
Congregations as Seminary for the Laity   Beverly Smhra
Dispatches from a Racially and Culturally Diverse Frontier   Anthony Y. Stringer
The Youth Conference Community   Rob Cavenaugh
The Ministry of Lay Leadership   Linda Lane-Hamilton
Power in our Congregations    Constance LaFerriere
The $M$ Word   Jeri Moulder

Ten Myths of Leadership   Helen Bishop

Multiplying Ministry 8   Ardath Schaiblyy

Serving Many Well   

Ministry to Each Other Comes First   Roger W. Comstock

Generational Divesity in our Churches   Eunice Milton Benton

Unitarios Universalistas de Habla Hispana   Ervin Barrios

Our Ministry to Children   Susan Davidson Archer

The Call and Joy of Young Adult Ministry   Shelby Greiner

Creating the Intergenerational Community   Cindy Spring

Serving in the Wider World   

Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry   Margaret L. Beard and Andrea G. Dougherty

Ministry in the Maelstrom   Ed Cossum

Ministry in Words   Julio Noboa Polanco

Social Justice as Lay Ministry   Mary-Ella Holst

Serving in New Ways   

Paul Just Died   Laila D. Ibrahimy

Youth as Ministers to Each Other   Kathryn Deal

Growth Through Diversity   Jean Wright Greenblatt, Jennifer Hampshire, Hope Johnson, Janice Marie Johnson, and Roberta Wallisy

Working for the UUA   Kay Montgomery

The Road to Better Communication   Frank Carl, Mary Hengstebeck, Jan Parsons, David Rohe, and Barbara Wise

Leadeship in the Little Old Church on the Green   Elisabeth McGregor

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