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Children of the Same God - The Historical Relationship Between Unitarianism, Judaism, and Islam

Children of the Same God: The Historical Relationship Between Unitarianism, Judaism, and Islam

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Product Code: 6004
ISBN: 9781558967250
Publisher: Skinner House Books
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Pages: 128
Size: 5.5 X 8.5
Binding Information: Paperback 


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In Children of the Same God, Susan J. Ritchie makes the groundbreaking historical argument that, long before Unitarianism and Universalism merged in the United States, Unitarianism itself was inherently multireligious. She demonstrates how Unitarians in Eastern Europe claimed a strong affinity with Jews and Muslims from the very beginning and how mutual theological underpinnings and active cooperation underpin Unitarian history but have largely disappeared from the written accounts. With clear implications for the religious identity of Christians, Jews, and Muslims as well as Unitarian Universalists, and especially for interfaith work, Children of the Same God illuminates the intertwining histories and destinies of these traditions.

Susan Ritchie shares some thoughts about Children of the Same God


Table Of Contents:

Foreword by Rebecca Parker

Chapter One
Developing Heresies, Developing Allies

Chapter Two
European Unitarianism in Creative Cultural Exchange with Ottoman Islam

Chapter Three
European Unitarianism in Relationship to Judaism

Chapter Four
Resistances and Possibilities in the North American Unitarian Engagement with Islam and Judaism



Dr. Ritchie takes her readers on a journey through the history of Unitarian dialogues with Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Readers will realize from the start that it's not the expected journey. It's a compelling story that explores the history of shared borderlands of Unitarians and other religions in a moment when such discussions are paramount, and crucial reading for anyone interested in the obstacles to and opportunities for religious tolerance.
—Professor Amy Shuman, Melton Center for Jewish studies, Ohio State University

"I didn't know that!" I said that to myself several times each chapter. So will you. Susan Ritchie has given us new insights that will shift your understanding of Unitarian history, as they did mine. The Unitarian calling to a catalytic role in interfaith relations has deep roots, but also dangers. Both are traced here.
—John A. Buehrens, author, Universalists and Unitarians in America: A People's History, and past President, Unitarian Universalist Association

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