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Hiroshima Children's Drawings Notecards

Hiroshima Children's Drawings Notecards

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Product Code: 7064
ISBN: 9787064
Publisher: All Souls Church, Unitarian
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Binding Information: Set 


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Set $15.00


"In November 1946, Rev. A. Powell Davies, the Senior Minister at All Souls Church, Unitarian, in Washington, DC, delivered a widely-cirdulated serman denouncing a newspaper photograph of U.S. military officers rejoicing over a cake shaped like the atomic cloud seen over Hiroshima. An aide to General Douglas McArthur in Japan learned of the serman, and suggested that American children might share school supplies with Japanese students as a way to respond to the devatation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Children at All Souls collected over half a ton of school supplies and shipped them to Japan, where they were distributed to children at two schools and an ophanage in the Hiroshima area. In Appreciation, the Japanese schoolchildren sent gifts of their own artwork back to All Souls. Distinct from other images depicting the events of Hiroshima, these images are hopeful, inviting children of all ages to envision a different future of peace, reconciliation and open dialogue." - from the insert in the package of cards.

Set of 12 cards (six images - 2 of each).

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