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Jewish Voices in Unitarian Universalism

Jewish Voices in Unitarian Universalism

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Product Code: 6377
ISBN: 9781558967236
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Pages: 224
Size: 5 X 7
Binding Information: Paperback 


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In a fresh collection of thoughtful essays, 20 writers explore the blessings and challenges of Jewish Unitarian Universalist identity and community. While there has been a long and consistent presence of Jewish culture and people in Unitarian Universalism, this poignant anthology is the first to give voice to this community's struggles, wisdom, and contributions. Essayists include born Jews who came to Unitarian Universalism, Unitarian Universalists who adopted Judaism as a spiritual path, and Unitarian Universalists who have encountered Judaism in diverse ways.

Table Of Contents:


Jaclyn Kottman
  Embracing "And"

Rob Eller-Isaacs
  Illustrious Ancestors

Dara Olandt
  Tambourines and Teshuva

Denny Davidoff
  Living in Ambiguity

Leah Hart-Landsberg
  The Almost Unitarian Rabbi

Mark Belletini
  Roots Hold Me Close

Liz Lerner Maclay
  The Discipline of Forgiveness

Liora Gubkin Malicdem
  Holy Crap! Counting Our Blessings

Noach Dzmura
  The Mezuzah at the Threshold

Deb Cohen
  Do I Fit In?

Sue Magidson
  100% Jewish. 100% UU

Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé
  Counter-oppressive Earthkeeping

David Helfer
  Picking Up the Pieces

Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson
  Erev Rav, A Mixed Multitude

Alison Miller
  A Home for All Souls

Hannah Eller-Isaacs
  A Daughter's Quest for Identity Through Food

Rick Fierberg
  Welcomed Guest or Family?

Bonnie Zimmer
  My New Minyan

Paul David Wadler
  Authentically Cynical

Marti Keller
  Leaven and Horseradsh



Leah Hart-Landsberg and Marti Keller have assembled a rich and exciting collection of reflections by people in the Unitarian Universalist world who are also Jewish. The inner conflicts, the joyous integration of both traditions, and the wisdom that emerges from the life experiences of the contributors to this book open all of us readers to new insights in both traditions!
—Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine

Jewish Voices in Unitarian Universalism is a powerful expression of the depth, breadth, and diversity of Jewish belief and practices within contemporary Unitarian Universalism. These essays detail some of the joys and struggles of living as a hyphenated UU, and yet, because of that struggle, many of the authors have found both their Jewish and Unitarian Universalist faith deepened.
—Kathleen Rolenz, Editor, Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism

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