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Your Faith Home

Your Faith Home

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Product Code: 5170
ISBN: 9785170
Publisher: UUA
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Binding Information: Pamphlets 


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Pamphlets $7.00


How to contribute to, and feel at home in, your faith community. Pack of 25.


Your journey has brought you to a Unitarian Universalist congregation or community. You may have just signed the membership book. You may have been a part of a UU community since birth and seek new ways to become involved. Meaningful engagement will help you find your unique role in your faith home.

Unitarian Universalism is the religion of the open mind, loving heart, and helping hands. Bringing your heart, hands, and minds to your work with the congregation will turn the congregation from just a roster of interesting people with stimulating ideas to a real faith home. Have you ever established a new home? What actions did you take to turn a house into a home? Did you put your name on the mailbox, place your favorite books on the shelf, paint the walls? Claiming the congregation as your faith home requires the same kind of attention.

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