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Mira and the Big Story

Mira and the Big Story

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Product Code: 4445
ISBN: 9781558966932
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 36
Size: 7.25 X 7.25
Binding Information: Hard cover 


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Hard cover $12.00


Mira is a girl with big questions. She knows two different stories about the way the world came to be. Which story is right? Can they both be right? Is there room for more than one way to think about the world and our place in it? Follow her on an inspiring journey as she discovers a story big enough to include everyone. Along the way, Mira learns to respect and revere the traditions of others. Beautifully illustrated, this compelling tale will keep young ones enthralled.

Ages 8 and up.


In a divided world where the stories we tell often exclude those who are different, Laura Alary offers us a beautiful legend large enough for all people to see themselves in its words. Here is a delightfully illustrated book with a tale that promises to heal divisions and bring us together.

-Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, author of many award-winning children's books including God's Paintbrush and In God's Name

This amazing book explores the power of stories, how ownership of those stories influence our beliefs - and how those beliefs influence our behavior. It should be an essential part of every religious education library.

-Michelle Richards, author of Tending the Flame: The Art of Unitarian Universalist Parenting

In Mira and the Big Story, Laura Alary has written a lovely book for children and families. With engaging and expansive text and beautiful pictures, children are encouraged to think about "Big Questions" and "Big Stories," Mira shows us how we might be inclusive and at the same time respectful of our ancient stories.

-Rev. Natalie Fenimore, President of LREDA

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