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The Church We Yearn For - The Search for a New Minister as a Revolutionary Event in the Life and Times of Your Congregation

The Church We Yearn For: The Search for a New Minister as a Revolutionary Event in the Life and Times of Your Congregation

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Product Code: 7445
ISBN: 9781467525954
Publisher: Commonwealth Publishing
Publication Date: 
Pages: 64
Binding Information: Paperback 


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"This book asserts that we are capable of creating compelling ministries that convey to others, 'Come join us in a cause that is larger than yourself, in a life-transforming community of faith.' This is, indeed, the church we yearn for. But this church will require stronger leadership than we have seen in the past, clergy and lay alike. This church will also require people in the pews to completely re-think what the role and purpose of their congregation actually is." - From the Introduction.

This is not a book about the mechanics of the ministerial search process. Rather, it's a book about how congregations can envision a new tomorrow, and seek out adventuresome clergy who will help lead them on the journey.


"This book is a significant challenge to congregations to think about ministry in new ways. I pray they will be bold enough to change the status quo." — The Rev. Jane A. Mar, Bishop Assistant for Mobility & Congregational Care, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Too many churches claim they want a pastor who will grow the church, but nobody wanta anything to change. Thankfully, this book points to a better way." — Michael J. Barnes, Search Committee for both an Episcopal and a Presbyterian Church


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