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Life Tides - Meditations

Life Tides: Meditations

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Product Code: 5046
ISBN: 9781558963078
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 64
Size: 5 X 7
Binding Information: Paperback 


Availability: In Stock
Paperback $8.00


This classic Meditation Manual is available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Here are 40 meditations that span the seasonal flow of life, finding moments of truth in an Arizona sunrise and falling leaves, in the expectations of Father's Day, and in the silence of a still river. Life Tides invites the reader to pause and listen for the voice of the spirit, whether it's at the ocean or in daily connections with other people.


Review By: Carol Haggas,   Booklist - March 1, 2009
“Historian Nielsen focuses attention on Macy’s troubled beginnings, her own devastating eye ailments, and her prodigious ambition to create a considerate yet equitable biography of a complex woman whose singular contributions to the burgeoning field of education for the blind have often been misjudged.”
Review   Library Journal - March 1, 2009
“…succeeds admirably….Macy’s complexity is revealed…essential reading for those interested in Macy or Keller.”
Review   Publisher's Weekly - March 2, 2009
“After writing two books about Helen Keller, historian Nielsen (The Radical Lives of Helen Keller) vowed she ‘would never again write anything even remotely related to her.’ Fortunately, she couldn't help herself.”
Review   The Daily Sound - June 16, 2009
“Exhaustively researched and not always complimentary, Beyond the Miracle Worker goes way beyond all the stuff you read in school about the complicated, headstrong woman who gave Helen Keller words…Using documents and diaries, author Kim E. Nielsen offers the sometimes heartbreaking, often frustrating life and work of Anne Sullivan Macy… If a biography is on your reading to-do list this summer, Beyond the Miracle Worker is a worthy one for you. Grab this book and learn a thing or two.”
Review   Disability Studies Quarterly - August 1, 2009
“Kim Nielsen overcomes all the obstacles her recalcitrant subject throws in her path, and creates a portrait of Sullivan's life that is complex with all its contradictions and inconsistencies. Beyond the Miracle Worker also serves as an example to other historians of disability to mine the records of institutions like Tewksbury for other untold stories of disabled lives. Even while Sullivan's was a singular life, Nielsen puts it in the context of nineteenth and early twentieth century American culture, highlighting the intricate interplay between gender, class and disability that shaped it.”
Review   America Magazine - November 9, 2009
“Kim Nielsen’s engaging and excellently researched new biography of Anne Sullivan Macy and her relationship with Helen Keller reveals unknown shadows and contradictory facets of their lives.”
Review   Women's Review of Books - November 1, 2009
“Now, in Beyond the Miracle Worker, Nielsen further revises the Keller-Sullivan narrative by placing the teacher at center stage. She portrays Sullivan Macy as a complex, deeply troubled woman who needed Helen Keller at least as much as Keller needed her…Drawing lavishly upon letters, diaries, and other primary sources, Nielsen conveys the rich texture of Sullivan’s character.”
Review   Feminist Review - November 18, 2009
“Nielsen has written a very humanizing story . . .”

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